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* Middleweight Championship: Anderson Silva vs. Nathan Marquardt

* Light Heavyweight: Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans

Former UFC champion Tito Ortiz will face The Ultimate Fighter 2 light heavyweight winner Rashad Evans at a UFC 73 event on July 7.

Although a recent skirmish between the two fighters at UFC 69 heated up the rivalry, Ortiz just throw a bucket of fuel on the fire with a recent forum posting about his opponent.

In a thread titled ?UFC first woman fighter!!!!!!!!!!!? at The Underground Forum, Ortiz stated:

Rashad Evans!!! He will be my Nappy Headed Ho. On 7-7-07?Let The Punishment Begin!!! Tito Ortiz www.Punishment.com

That term should ring a bell. Don Imus was fired from his national morning radio and TV gig earlier this month when he referred to the women of Rutgers University?s basketball team as ?nappy-headed hos.? The team had just won the NCAA women?s basketball championship, and Imus created a firestorm for using a term that?s been criticized as both racist and sexist.

In this case, though, it?s merely a parody, but it?s sure to warrant a response. Both Ortiz and Evans seem to enjoy playing head games before a fight, and with what appears to be a real and bitter rivalry between to the two fighters, this feud has more than two months to simmer and boil over.

The light-heavyweight fight is expected to take place in Sacramento, Calif. The UFC 73 event is also expected to feature title fights of middleweight champion Anderson Silva vs. Nate Marquardt, and Sean Sherk vs. Hermes Franca.

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