Skins for Windows Live Messenger [UPDATED: 12/12/07]

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Windows Live Messenger 8.0, 8.1, 8.5, and 9.0 ALPHA

Here we go again, skins for Windows Live Messenger are starting to appear, some are good, and some are, well, bad. However I've been searching the web for a while and I've found a decent list. Remember there are not as many skins now as skinning Messenger has become a lot more difficult, nevertheless there is a good selection you can choose from. Enjoy!


Note: The list below is directly taken from this page and I will try and keep this thread synchronized with that.

Windows Live Messenger 8.0 Skins:

Aqua Blue Skin

EvO [Recommended]

Mac Skin

Mess With Messenger

Messed Skin

Serbian Live Messenger

Vista Dark Blue Messenger

Vista Live Messenger [Recommended]

Windows Live Black Vista


WLM Ixtli Skin

Wlm Zex

WMP 11

Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Skins:

Black Skin

DBZ Live Messenger Skin

EvO [Recommended]

Hello Kitty Skin

Mac Messenger Brushed

Mac Messenger Final

Minimal Messenger [Recommended]

Playboy Skin

SlanXP V2 FiXeD

Skins WLM Vista

Tokio Hotel

Unknown Messenger [Recommended]

Vista Messenger

Windows Live Ferrari

Windows Live Naruto

WLM Bluesky [Recommended]

Windows Office Messenger

Windows Vista Basic [Recommended]

Windows Vista Messenger

Windows Vista Messenger Black

Windows Live Messenger 8.5 beta Skins:

Akatsuki Live Messenger

Halo Live Messenger

Triforce Live Messenger

Windows Vista Black

Windows Vista Gris

Windows Vista Skin 8.5 Beta

WLM 8.5 Cleaned

Mac Skin

Windows Live Playboy

Windows Live Vista

Skins for Windows Live Messenger available via Messenger Plus! Live 4.5:

Evo 3.0

Nightfall v1

Apple Live Messenger


Grey Tucan

Beaver & Steve [shapped Skin]


Office 07

Old School Messenger [Recommended]</a>

Nao Messenger

Ribbon Messenger

All of the Messenger Plus! Live skins are compatible with different versions of Windows Live Messenger [8.0,8.5, and 9.0 ALPHA]. The links provided will tell you which versions the skin is compatible for. You can visit the official Plus! Skin Database by clicking here. Documentation, tutorials, and everything you need to know can be found at the database site listed above.

Updated: 12/12/07

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Oh yeah, if you guys have any links that I could add to the list feel free to post them :). CY and Baku, yall' are welcome.

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IMPORTANT: How To intsall skins

That link is dead.

Indeed it is. We just moved over too the new version of the website which this list comes from. We're in the proccess of updating the guide and putting our tutorial system up. I'll let you know when it's fixed. Thanks for the report :).

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I'm using 8.5 and the majority of 8.1 skins work, I haven't had the chance to beta test them all. I'll let you know which ones work and which ones don't, I'll make a list. But Bluesky, Vista, and ev0 seem to all work :).

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