[Soccer] Webster must pay Hearts

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Scotland defender Andy Webster has been ordered to pay Hearts ?625,000 for breaking his contract "without just cause" prior to joining Wigan.

World football's governing body, Fifa, also suspended the 25-year-old for the first two matches of next term and will investigate his agent, Charlie Duddy.

Webster has been on loan to Rangers since January.

He believed he had been free to leave Hearts in the third year of his four-year deal due to a new Fifa rule.

The loophole was interpreted as saying that Webster could break his contract providing he gave appropriate notice and joined a club in a different country.

But Fifa has found the player guilty of not giving the appropriate notice period.

Webster's agent, Charlie Duddy, has refused to comment on the decision.

But Fifpro, the world players' union, has welcomed the principal of the decision.

Public affairs executive Tony Higgins said: "FIFPro is delighted that the principle has been set that a player can now, under certain circumstances, cancel his contract, if under 28, after three years and, if over 28, after two years.

"We are reviewing the mechanism that was used to calculate the fee and the justification of the fee itself."

Scottish players' union secretary Fraser Wishart said: "The players' union in Scotland has been advising Andy on his case for some time now.

"We are pleased that a precedent has been set that will enable players across the world to have greater opportunities and rights within their conditions of contract.

"There are aspects of the case that require to be reviewed. We are undergoing this process at the moment."

The players' unions have organised a media conference, to be attended by Webster, for Tuesday.

Fifa reported that its dispute resolution chamber "found Mr Andrew Webster guilty of having breached the employment contract without just cause outside the protected period and condemned him to pay Heart of Midlothian the amount of ?625,000 as compensation".

FIFA determined that Webster failed to give Hearts sufficient notice of his departure and imposed the two-week suspension for next season as a result.

Wigan were not found to be at fault.

In their decision, Fifa announced plans to investigate Duddy's role in the breach of contract.

Thats alot of Money to pay.:|:|

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