UFC 75


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I definately am going to be home in time to watch this.

The fights all have the potential to be EXPLOSIVE.

As for my picks:

I think Dan Henderson will take the belt. The rate at which his game is evolving is just tremendous.

Rampage does have a chance, dont get me wrong. But it will be a small one. A lucky punch or knee.

Cro Cop I think will win his fight. Hes hungry, and I think his last fight humiliated him so much that he will be looking to make an example out of his opponent.

Though I still wouldnt count Kongo out. His reach is a big factor, and his stand up isnt bad at all.

Should the fight SOMEHOW go to the ground, I give the advantage to Cro Cop.

Naturally, I could be completely wrong. A lucky shot in this will be all it takes.

This fight should be a war.

I really want to see Hamill win. In fact, I think he will.

Hes extremely talented. His stand up is good, and hes slowly grasping it even more, but his ground game is amazing.

In order for Bisping to win, he will have to stay away from Hamill and pick him apart with punches.

Just my thoughts.

3 wrong picks =/ lol

It's all good though, but Hamill got SCREWED (by the judges). That was brutal.

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Well, I certainly made some wrong calls. Thats for sure.

The Hamill fight shouldn't have turned out the way it did, but what can you do.

As for the other two, yeah. I was most definately incorrect.

Cro crop truly dissapointed me.

You can definately tell that he feels out of his enviroment.

He really needs to figure out what hes going to do.

Hes truly becoming a stepping stone. As much as I hate to say it.

As for Henderson, wow.

Simply put, I think he got out-muscled.

On top of that, his cardio really seemed poor.

When it came to the striking exhanges, it remained fairly even.

Hopefully we will see a Bisping vs. Hamill 2.

On a side note, the first two fights were REALLY good.

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