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What is Xpert Eleven you ask?

Xpert Eleven is a football(soccer) manager game where you manage a fictitious football team. The thought behind the game is that you compete with your friends in a league that you create yourselves. You manage your team/teams in good times as well as bad. Your tasks consist of selecting your team and working out some cunning tactical moves.

To join simply visit the Xpert Eleven Site and sign up, its quick and free.

If we can get at least 8 interested members, I'll create the league and supply all the needed league codes and info.

So now you have the basic idea what Xpert Eleven is so do I have any interested folks?

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I have just set up a private league. Looking for around 15 to 23 members to get two divsions up and running (3 if possible). The league will be called the A-League. If you're interested the League ID is 115148.


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