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UPDATE: I would recommend all members use the Neowin Gamers Index from now on smile.gif
see this thread for details

As many of you will have noticed there are threads on Neowin for Xbox live and PSN names, However to my knowledge there is not one for PC games ohmy.gif
(perhaps because there is not one definitive platform)
I think its about time us PC gamers started playing sociably, so Post you Xfire, Teamspeak, Steam Name, Gamer tag or whatever so we can play! :yes:

Ill start with my Steam Name:

My games are:
1. HL2 DM
2. CS:S
3. BF2 (same tag)
4. Garrys Mod
5. Insurgency (HL2 Mod)

See you online! biggrin.gif

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1. Battlefield 2

2. Battlefield 2142

3. CS:S

4. Insurgency

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Excellent Idea. (Y)

We get enough participants here, this will have [OFFICIAL] in front of it and be pinned in no time. (Y)

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ziadoz (steam) or <ziaDoz>


UT2004 (TAM)




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My Steam name is tizmagik. :D

Excellent Idea. (Y)

We get enough participants here, this will have [OFFICIAL] in front of it and be pinned in no time. (Y)

But shouldn't it be moved to Games for Windows, first? :p

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XFIRE: abnjimmy0


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X-Fire = cptwang

Steam = mashw

Battlefield 2

CS:S (But I suck)


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I haven't played online pc games for over a year+ now, but if a few of you guys get matches going I'll join in smile.gif I'll be easy kills for all of you laugh.gif

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Same as my xbox tag Neo003

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All other popular titles pretty much.

Hope you guys can get a game organised, ill be there.

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My Steam name is tizmagik. :D

But shouldn't it be moved to Games for Windows, first? :p

LOL Yes, it should be, and I thought it was already. :pinch:

Thread Moved To Games For Windows.


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V1DEL, same as XBox Live, but I only play this right now...


Sorry guys!

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X-fire: d4v1d04

Steam: webmaster [at] - im oldschool :p

I play:

  1. HL2DM
  2. Garrysmod
  3. BF2
  4. SOF2
  5. CS Source Gungame

but mainly Gungame on Public #2 :)

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Cool thread, let the aliasing begin! (Y)

Xfire: rraze

Nowadays I only play two games online with two different names.

CS:S: revv

Urban Terror: ls|rw

I've had way too many aliases in Urban Terror so I'll stick to my original 2.x name, redwave which I abbreviate now which means it's sort of another alias :ninja:


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Same as my Neowin name. You might see me on C&C3 or CS:S once in a blue moon.

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BF2: bWs

BF2142: mjrbWs

Yes these are the only things I've been playing recently.


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Glassed Silver



NFS series

WC III RoC (back then when i played it, might play it again some time)

CS (dont play online tho)

Sims (you know, back then :p)

i bet i forgot something... well if you see me around, dont hesitate to leave drop me a line and say hello :)

Glassed Silver:mac

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Xfire: IceBrewedBeer

INSMOD: MouseR - Serving America

CS 1.6/Source: MouseR, Fruit Jews, Gayness McAnus

For about 98% of all the online games I play, I go by MouseR.

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Yes, I'm original

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sundayx.. but I haven't gamed for a long time, but its the one I use for all games, Steam, AA, EA.

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Nicholas-c's big bad list

Battlefield 2 - with expansion packs

Battlefield 2142 - with expansion pack

Halo 1 & 2

Medal of honor

Every C&C - generals, 3, red alert all of them!

Call of duty 1

RCT - 1, 2, 3 with expansion packs

Ghost recon - advanced warfighter

Flight unlimited 3

thats all my PC games :p

want me to start on my 106 PS2 & 1 games :D

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Xfire, Red Orchestra, CoD1 and CoD2, DoD = *Ph4nt0M Burn3R*

BF2142 (If I play) = JarekTorek

BF2 is Ni3NOR but I didn't play since very long time.

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I think my name on Steam is Wilson05? I don't know. I use wilson in-game, or mcnic. or mc or Thurgood Tungsten III. :)

that's cs 1.6

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Mah steamname is bwat47, battlefield 2 I believe is screamin_jesus, but I haven't played that in ages because EA is gay and doesn't support widescreen.

My games Are:

Half Life 2


Counter Strike Source


Battlefueld 2

Battlefield 2142 (Goddamnit I want widescreen EA)

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I don't have a widescreen monitor on my gaming machine, but I think it's unexcusable that EA still doesn't support widescreen.

Anyway, I play CS: Source, HL2DM, GMOD9, and BF2. My steam name is DJ MC Blizak and my xfire/BF2 name is wowolaf.

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      Neowin's Community Minecraft Server
      Server hosting is provided by BisectHosting
      Discussion of connecting with pirated copied (including requests for offline mode for this reason) will result in you receiving a warning. The usual forum rules for piracy apply here.
      Server Address: (
      Currently Running Vanilla 1.16.3
      Server Rules
      Be nice, polite, and respectful No Griefing, this is your only warning Do not build on others door steps without permissions, explore and find your own land Do not be annoying Do not build at spawn without permission of an admin Do not modify any other players builds without permission Have fun, if you don't have fun you will get slapped Label all builds in creative  
      If you wish to join our server please post here with your Minecraft username; you must be an active member of the Neowin community.
      Our server is powered by donations. Payments are made quarterly. Please help donate to the server to keep it running.