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Now Introducing: morficus


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Greeting fellow neowinians, my real name will not be disclosed here but you can call me morficus (or morf)

Belive it or not, some of my friends (yes.. REAL LIFE friends) actually refer to me as "morf" or "morfi" when in person.

21 year old male (22 in 17 days - woot!), currently living on the East Coast in the U.S.A It's hard to say what state I 'live' in, since I go to school in Massachusetts but spend my summers between Connecticut and New York.

I'm currently going into my 4th year of college as a Computer Science mayor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Sadly enough I will not be graduating this year, since I transferred in and some credits did not follow :( but it's fine, 'cause I <3 my school :D

I grew up in Central America - Panama, City of Panama (not Panama City, Florida), but 3 years ago I diced to move back up north so I could pursue a career in the technology field. So thanks to that, I'm 100% bilingual :yes:

Neowin is effetely my favorite place on the internet, and I trust it's members A LOT more than I would trust people in other boards. My hobbies include posting here, spending time on IRC and messing around with my Debian LAMP server.

Recently I purchased a PS3, so that is my new addiction until Smash Brawl for the Wii is out :p

My +fav music is mainly rock (alternative, metal, punk) and electronica. I'm also a pretty big anime fan

So basically.. and all-around geek/nerd - yet I do have a REAL girlfriend


questions and comments are welcome

random bit of info:

if you google 'morficus', most of the results are actually my stuff :yes excluding this 'character' that's a Warloc :no:

so yes.. I am the original thing ;)

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