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Windows update, Mozilla, opera and others... wont work.



My windows wont update...

Opera and firefox.. say something like bad internet connection...

But also it says the same thing for Warcaft 3---


But herres the weird thing.... Internet Explorer works... aim works. and email for outlook express works...

Battle.net// blizzard have abunch of games that it uses. such as Starcraft broodwar and original. diablo and expansion-- and Warcraft- 1 2 and 3...

But i get an error saying something with warcraft saying somethigna bout the modem.... i read abunch of stuff about ports and things and tried to open ports that might work ... no such luck...

If somebody could please help me i would greatly appreciate it! (Also my older brother and dad)

There is also another post i read about something like thsi happening and it didnt help so if somebody could please contribute something to help me and possibly somebody else out there....

Thank you..


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tao muon

What post did you read about 'something like this happening' but didn't help?

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Off the top - sounds like you have a software firewall blocking specific applications.

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