҉ = Backwards Text in Windows


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People using ie7 and XP saying "it doesn't work" are wrong. I've tried it in Firefox and ie7 with XP and it works perfectly. You are just doing it wrong ;)

You just paste the symbol then start typing, don't move the cursor, make a new line, or anything, just type...

҉Hello, works perfectly for me, both times : )

wow, it even turns a ) into a ( !! :D

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:| just noticed something...

Viewing in ie7:


Viewing in Firefox:


It's the same post... More things get reversed in Firefox. :s and in ie, signatures don't show? What is going on? lol

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ah thats a cool new symbol. how about trying this blank symbol (it's between the Speech punctuation marks): dont try and delete the speech marks, you may accidently del the blank symbol


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People that it don't work, let me see, you don't have installed support for reverse languages like Arabic and Chinese I'm right?

(Or they just forget that they need to enter it BEFORE Writing ANYTHING in the post.(Mine work anywhere, it's a (Switch



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Hey peeps, better option...

Open attached .txt (you will see an empty file)

Do a Crtl+A to select anything (the character is not visible)

Ctrl+V before what will be reversed.

Should work with anything.

You won't have an useless weird symbol anymore....


(It worked perfectly!) On IE7, Vista 32-bit

It worked perfectly!

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