A New Era In Fantasy Basketball --*Check this out*

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Waiting for the NBA season to start I came across this game that is the first of it's kind.... yes, the greatest and first ever rpg basketball game ever created!! welcome to CyberDunk where you can manage your very own created player which has a number of attributes (just like in a RPG), train him up, get him the best and signature gear, get him the best contracts. In the leagues, you can win most points, assists, rebounds awards. If you are good enough, you could represent your country in the national teams...every country is even represented. Play against competition around the world. able to set your players tactics, expansion leagues in a wide variety of countries to allow up to 54,000 players, training , buying equipment, competing against one another, 1 on 1, betting etc.. For those into sports betting or gambling, this game has a full betting system.


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