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Aussie rules football


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Sounds like a great sport but I can't even begin to understand it./

Can anyone give me a brief overview on this sport ? and point me to some good sites ?


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Wiki has a good overview.

Basically, two teams, 4 posts at each end.

Each team tries to kick the ball (which is oval shaped) through the posts at the opposite end to which they're defending. Kick it through the middle 'zone', you get a goal, worth 6 points. Kick it through the two smaller 'zones' to each side of the larger one, you get a point, worth (obviously) 1 point. Team with the most points at the end of the 4 quarters wins.

That's the aim. (With much simplification)

There are plenty of intricacies, as there is with any sport.

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One of the good things about Aussie Rules Football is that you can practically beat the hell out of someone, and you don't get punished. I've seen some highlight videos online. [yoda]Very brutal sport, it is.[/yoda]

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If you're in Australia, Channel 10 broadcast games in high definition...looks amazing :)

I will be shortly. I'm being sent there by my employer.

I thought I should immerse myself a wee bit in the culture.

thank you all. Much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing the first game.

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