Brett favre ties Marino for TD Passes

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Hmm... ye... says he broke it, everyone else says he tied it... not sure

Regardless, he is going to surpass it by a few when it's all done, it's impressive... when i started watching football, it was always the packers and favre

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this is awesome... watching favre for the past 17 years has been very exciting and todays game was no exception...

it is great to see the packers succeed again after a few years in the slumper...

i was horrified that they were going to return to their mid to late 80s goodness...

hopefully they can keep this up...

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I used sopcast last week...went to the site where to find all of NFL games today and I can not find

it? I tryed its now workin for me..any idea where eles to find the

site for the channel to make sopcast work?


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