Neowin NBA Fantasy Basketball League 2007-08

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I'd play. I need to average out my performance from last year as it is pulling down my overall rating. :p

I still know crap about basketball. Last year we didn't have an IR position and that cost me when my #1 player went down. Retrospectively, I should have just dropped him for a chance to squeak into the playoffs.

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Not many people this year.

Live Drafts End: 11/30

Perhaps people have not got the b-ball bug yet?

Wait, the seasons starts in four days. Hmm. I don't know what the problem is then.

Basketball strikes me as my least favourite big-league sport. At least hockey has Canada where it is a #1 sport.

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I created a league using the same settings as last year...

League ID: 155431

Custom League URL:

password: neow1n

Draft is 11:45am EDT on Saturday Nov. 3rd

Edit: I dropped 'Total Points' since that is only a summation of other categories. I remember that it annoyed me last year.

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How do I replace an injured player?

The NBA no longer uses an Injured List (IL), so the IL option has been removed from Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Basketball. Therefore, if you want to replace an injured player in your starting lineup, you must either place him on your bench or drop him to waivers.

I had wanted to add a IL spot to take some of the bad luck out of the game.

I did remove the two UTIL positions and add one more bench spot. We already have a generic Guard position and a generic Forward position so I saw the UTILs as being redundant. The idea behind the extra bench spot would be that it could be used to carry an injured star player without a huge penalty.

Please fight with me here if you would prefer something else.

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I joined up, but I don't really know what I'm doing. First time trying the fantasy sports thing.

I'll be away from home most of tomorrow (draft day), so if that's a problem let me know.

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Set the league to be total stats over the season instead of head to head.

My three choices were head-to-head, points-only and rotisserie.

Typically we do head-to-head and I have done rotisserie in a custom hockey league that I once joined.

Points-only is only available in Yahoo custom leagues. I had to read a bit about what point values to assign and hopefully I did an adequate job.

Of course this means that my pre-ranking of players is likely useless.

Unfortunately we only have an hour to debate this.

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