Best (sound isolation) headphones on moderate budget?

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I am a drummer and play in a band. I currently wear earplugs and use two big Yamaha monitors by my feet. I am going to start using a metronome when I play (Yamaha Clickstation). The band is going to eventually get molded in-ear monitors but for the time-being, I have decided to get some headphones. The earplugs I use are Elacin ER20s and they are rated to about 20 dB passive attenuation.

I am looking for a pair of sound isolation headphones (or a good pair of studio/DJ headphones that I could use with my current earplugs). The budget is about ?50 or ?60 (max). I plan on buying the headphones from the well known German ®etailer to get its 3 year warranty. I was tempted by the Vic Firth SIH1 headphones as various professional drummers use them but reviews on the 'net don't seem to rate them very well but was wondering the worth of buying a good pair of DJ/studio headphones [for good frequency response] if I am going to use with earplugs and probably won't be able to hear so much of the frequency range anyway.

What can you suggest? AKG K-141 STUDIO and AUDIO TECHNICA ATH-910 PRO are just within my budget. Vic Firth SIH1's are quite a bit cheaper.

Thanks very much.


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