Chinese Heavyweight Prospect

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The size of this guy caught my attention. Not that I believe a humangeous heavyweight will do great... see Valuev.

WBC headed to China in '08!

WBC President Jose Sulaiman has visited Chendu, China to confirm the site of the 46th annual WBC convention. General Kovid Bhakdibuhmi and Patrick Cusick from the Asian Boxing Council joined President Sulaiman for his memorable 3 day visit to China. The WBC annual convention will come to China in 2008 just a few months after the 2008 Olympics. Highlights of the trip included Dr. Sulaiman meeting seven-foot tall, 332 pound heavyweight prospect, Jiang "The Riverman" and a visit to the Chendu National Panda Park which included the rare opportunity to sit and hug a panda bear. "The WBC is committed to make China a major force for years to come in our beloved sport of boxing," said Sulaiman.


Stereotypically you never would expect this... I guess we will wait and see if he can hang :)

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