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Not quite home theatre, but it's the closet I'm gonna get to for a few years lol.


Since my parents are getting sky+ to go downstairs, I'll be having the old sky box (to use as a freesat box) and the DVD recorder in my bedroom.

However, I already have my PS2, xbox 360 and VHS in there (yea I know, but the video is sometimes handy). My TV only has one scart input (so I'm currently switching between the devices all the time, and even with just 3 things, its very annoying. So with the extra stuff, it just won't be possible.

So I'm looking for a scart switch with at least 3 scart inputs and a composite input, and obviously a scart output. Don't want an automatic one, as most of the stuff (sky box, VHS, DVD recorder) will be on all the time. Would settle with one that had physical buttons I had to press, but would really like one that can be controlled by remote control. And I don't really want to spend more than ?40. The cheaper the best really.

I've found three different ones that I think would do what I want. They are both at the upper ends of what I want to spend, but there you go lol.

JOYTECH JS965 AV Control Center

B-Tech BT903 Triton

Vivanco SBX-95SE

Any idea which would be better?


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