Horrible league rule

Locked lineups  

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  1. 1. Good idea to force locked lineup before the first gameof the week

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    • I would never play in a league that forced lineups locked before first game

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OK here's the deal, our commish has it set so our lineups have to be locked before the first game every week.

It hasn't ever been such a big deal dealing with the one time this would happen on Thanksgiving.But this year i am in the playoffs and had a tough choice on Thursday. Between Bush, Gore, lynch and J. lewis I had to start 2.

Lewis was a given so that left 3. Gore Was facing the #1 D in Minn so he got benched, Lynch hadn't played in 3 weeks and was listed as Questionable, which left Bush who got the start. Then we got to Friday and the bad news came in waves, Bush is possible done for the year and now Lynch is almost a #1 RB play after no swelling for a Thursday practice. I don't think I'll be back in this league if this rule isnt amended . Am I wrong to think this way?

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