Fedor Emelianenko: Fight with Randy Couture

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Randy Couture wants the fight. Fedor Emeliananeko wants it too. And according to the top-ranked Russian fighter, he fully expects the heavyweight battle to happen sometime soon.

While being interviewed for Monday?s ?Yarennoka!? event in Japan, Emeliananeko was asked about the likelihood of him facing Couture in the next year. Couture, the UFC?s heavyweight champion, resigned from the organization in October but has recently stated that he wants to fight Emeliananeko. The 44-year-old UFC hall-of-famer says it?s the one final thing he wants to accomplish before he retires.

Emelianenko loves the idea.

?I respect him very much, and it?s going to be a great honor to fight with him,? Emelianenko said in the interview. ?I would also like to wait for that opportunity.?

So Emelianenko, who recently signed a non-exclusive deal with the restructured M-1 Global organization, expects it to happen?

?Yes, I think so,? he said. ?The fight will take place.?

Emeliananeko (27-1) defeated 7-foot-2, 360-pound Hong Man Choi (1-1) with a first-round arm-bar submission at today?s New Year?s Eve event at the Saitama Super Arena.

Couture (16-8), who last defeated Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 74 in August, resigned from UFC two months ago citing a lack of respect from UFC officials, issues over his pay, and the UFC?s inability to sign Emeliananeko to a contract. He plans to leave the UFC once his fight (July 2008) and employment (October 2008) contracts expire, though UFC President Dana White has continually stated that the fight contract doesn?t expire until Couture fulfills the term:laugh:e deal.

:laugh: we all knew he would win in the first round.

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zOMG! You mean Fedor won in the 1st round? That can't be possible! His opponant was unbeaten!!! :p

I think this is gonna be a sign of things to come until he actually fights someone worth paying attention about!

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zOMG! You mean Fedor won in the 1st round? That can't be possible! His opponant was unbeaten!!! :p

I think this is gonna be a sign of things to come until he actually fights someone worth paying attention about!

Yeah I mean I thought it would go the distance...

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HCM wasnt prepared for the match in his interview. He felt it was rushed in too fast. Now that he lost and understood why he lost, he is now offering a rematch or wants a rematch.

When I was watching this match in japan, there were alot of ****ing japanese people shouting out anti korean comments....buncha ignorant people.

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Former PRIDE heavyweight champion and current M-1 Global fighter Fedor Emelianenko will meet with estranged UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture on Thursday ? likely to discuss the bout that the two fighters have long desired.

The news comes from the m1mixfight.com website, which is run by Emelianenko?s management team, which is headed by Vadim Finkelstein.

Although it?s being held under the guise of a business meeting between Emelianenko and representatives of Couture?s Affliction clothing line (Emelianenko may sign a sponsorship deal with the company), Emelianenko ?plans to meet Randy Couture there to discuss things in person,? according to the website. Those ?things? could include a future fight.

The meeting will take place in Los Angeles.

Back in October, Couture announced his resignation from the UFC citing a lack of respect from UFC officials, issues of his pay, and the UFC?s inability to sign then-top free agent Emelianenko to a UFC contract (Couture had stated on numerous occasions that a victory over Emelianenko is about the only thing the 44-year-old think that he has left to accomplish in his career). Couture plans to sit out of competition until October, when he feels his UFC fight and employment contracts expire. However, UFC President Dana White had continually stated that the contracts won?t expire until Couture fulfills the terms of the deal.

The matter?s likely to end up in the courts.

Emelianenko, a 31-year-old Russian, signed a non-exclusive deal with the restructured M-1 Global organization in October. He was permitted to compete in a New Year?s Eve show in Japan against 7-foot-2 kickboxer Hong-Man Choi, whom he submitted in just under two minutes. The victory pushed Emelianenko?s record to 27-1.

As for the potential Couture-Emelianenko fight ? if it ever happens ? it has the potential to be one of the biggest fights in MMA history. A number of organizations are already thought to be vying for hosting :woot:.


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Zuffa LLC, the UFC?s parent company, filed a lawsuit on Monday against heavyweight champion Randy Couture in the Clark County District Court stemming from the fighter?s public statements about the organization and his new involvement with the competing International Fight League.

News of the lawsuit was reported in today?s edition of The Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Couture, who came out of retirement to defeat Tim Sylvia for the UFC?s heavyweight title in March 2007, resigned from the organization this past October citing a number of complaints, including a lack of respect from UFC officials, issues over his pay (including a promised signing bonus he claimed the UFC never paid him), and the UFC?s inability to sign then-top free agent Fedor Emelianenko.

The lawsuit seeks both compensatory and punitive damages due to Couture?s recent comments, and the UFC is also seeking an injunction to halt Couture?s involvement with the IFL. Earlier this month, the IFL announced that the organization would drop city-affiliated teams and would instead draw its fighters from already-established fight camps. The Xtreme Couture gym is one of four set to compete at the IFL?s season opener on Feb. 29.

According to today?s story at www.lvjr.com, Couture may not be the only in the UFC?s crosshairs:

Monday?s lawsuit claims Couture?s negative statements about the company constituted ?injurious falsehood and trade disparagement? that has led to significant financial losses for the UFC.

The lawsuit also alleges conspiracy, stating that several unnamed parties to be identified at a later date worked with Couture to intentionally inflict harm on the UFC.

UFC President Dana White was quoted as saying that Couture wasn?t fulfilling the obligations set forth in his contract and that ?Captain America is not keeping his word.?

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An interesting article I saw in The Sun:

THOUSANDS of you bombarded us with e-mails when we gave you the chance to question UFC supremo Dana White a fortnight ago.

And now, the president of the world's leading mixed martial arts promotion has responded to twelve of the best posers Sun readers put to him.

In a revealing question and answer session, White reveals his thoughts on Michael Bisping's move to middleweight, the Sean Sherk drug scandal and his thoughts on Fedor Emelianenko...

Source - The Sun

Dana, in your opinion, which fighter past or present best epitomises the term 'Ultimate Fighter'? - Michael Barnes, Dublin

White: "That?s a real tough one, Michael, because I think all our guys epitomise what it is to be an 'Ultimate Fighter' ? that?s why they're in the UFC. Not only are they the best fighters in the world, but they really go out there and go after it. They are real fighters.

"Our fighters, when they are asked in interviews who they want to fight next, they always say ?whoever the UFC puts in front of me? because they will fight anyone, anytime.

"In other sports you see they send their agents in and they say ?we are building the brand of this fighter? but the only fighter I deal with who does that is Tito Ortiz.

"We?ve got so many guys that just ask where to show up and fight...Anderson Silva, Matt Hughes, BJ Penn, Chuck Liddell, Sean Sherk and I?d put Brock Lesnar in there. We told him he?d be fighting top guys from his second pro fight and he said that?s wWhich fighter do you think has the best chance of breaking Randy Couture and BJ Penn's record to claim a three-weight championship? - Paul McNallyip? - Paul McNally

White: "Three divisions? That's a lot of weight to move up or down in the UFC. I don?t know, BJ Penn used to talk crazy s*** about fighting all the way up to heavyweight but I think he?s now realised you become a legend by dominating a division for a period of time.

"You look at guys like Chuck Liddell and Matt Hughes ? they became so big because they dominated their divisions for a How big a force can Michael Bisping be at middleweight? - Paul Powler, Sheffield- Paul Powler, Sheffield

White: "I think Michael Bisping can be a huge force at middleweight, Paul. I think we will see the best of Bisping at 185lbs - I think middleweight is his best division and he?ll tell you I told him that when I first met him.

"When you look at what he accomplished at 205lbs despite been a little smaller, you have to be excited about him going to a weight which suits him much better.

"He was doing great at light heavyweight ? which is really impressive because our 205lbs guys are HUGE.

"It's funny, after he came to the UFC, Wanderlei Silva told me that the UFC light heavyweights are bigger than a lot of PRIDE?s best heavyweights.

"We have some giants in our 205lbs division. For Michael Bisping, who can make 185lbs, to do what he did was very impressive but now I feel he?s at where he should be at and I expect him to reallyWhy has Sean Sherk been welcomed back to the UFC after being tested positive for steroids? He won the lightweight title on the day he tested positive and will now face BJ Penn for the title later this year. Surely this de-legitimises the title, the UFC, and MMA as a whole? - Steven LittleyMMA as a whole? - Steven Littley

White: "Why wouldn?t I welcome the guy back? He?s a great fighter, a great guy and I respect him as a fighter and as a person. He?s served his six months suspension, he?s done everything that was asked of him, and now he?s starting back.

"Whatever he did, whatever happened, he?s paid for it. He was stripped of his title, he was suspended, he was fined ? and he?s still protesting he never did this in the first place.

"He has lost the ability to earn a living for six months already, he?s lost his title...what else am i supposed tWould you ever consider hosting an open weight GP tournament like there used to be in Pride or GP tournaments in different weight classes? - Kaleem Malikrnaments in different weight classes? - Kaleem Malik

White: "No, never. For a start the commissions in the US would never allow it, and these things - they are so stupid anyway. I know it was all cool and crazy back in the early 1990s to do them but it was dumb and dangerous too.

"I have got this question a few times and I don?t get it ? the best fighter never wins these dumb things anyway.

"The winner is some alternate, or whichever fighter got the most rest or didn?t pick up an injury ? you never know for sure if the winner really deserved it because he?s the best fighter or because some stupid s*** like that - which is all to do with luck and doesn?t prove who the best fighter is.

"Also, I think fighters try and pace themselves in the opening round of those tournaments to make sure they are fresh for the later rounds. Think about it - these things force guys to not give their best efforts so they can be fresh later!

"You watch the UFC fighters walking back to the dressing room after a great fight and they are not freshWill the UFC ever set up a ranking system in each of the weight divisions so people know which fighters are in line for a title shot? For example, fighters could score points for winning fights and lose points for any defeats they incur. - Dean Hayward, Leicestere points for any defeats they incur. - Dean Hayward, Leicester

White: "Actually, Dean, I said we?d never do that because I figured people would say our rankings are biased. But, when you look around at some of these other rankings that are out there I think we probably will do our own after all.

"I have no idea when we will get to that,If you had to make a call on who the respective title holders in each weight class on January 1st 2009 would be, who are your picks? - Rob Walker, Londonanuary 1st 2009 would be, who are your picks? - Rob Walker, London

White: "Man, that?s another tough one because you know this crazy sport and how many ways you and win and lose any fight in a second.

"It is a real tough one...no-one is unbeatable in this sport and all our fans know there are no ?gimmies? and no ?tune-ups?.

"But if I had to choose one of our current champions to stay at the top for another year...I?d probably go with Anderson Silva...but then he?s fighting Dan Henderson in March which I think is an incredible fight between two guys who are maybe the best two mDo you plan on cross-promoting bouts or even events on a large scale in the future? Most of the small organisations are cross-promoting to share talented fighters and put on larger events to compete with the UFC. - Carlo, Iowaented fighters and put on larger events to compete with the UFC. - Carlo, Iowa

White: "Why would I want to do shows with these promotions? I have the best fighters in the world all undeWould you consider having a fight card that was voted for by the fans for each weight class? - Brad Custer, Minnesotathat was voted for by the fans for each weight class? - Brad Custer, Minnesota

White: "Actually, Brad, we did talk about doing exactly that a little while ago...having the fans be the matchmaker and choose the fights on a card.

"But in the end we decided it didn?t really make sense because the fans of the UFC are already the ones choosing the fights anyway because they let us know what fights they want to see and we make it happen.

"Listen, I am in the business of giving fans the fights they want to see to sell tickets and pay-per-vieWhat has been your all-time favourite fight? How high up your list would the Liddell v Silva bout rate? - Colin Clyburn, Hartlepoolhigh up your list would the Liddell v Silva bout rate? - Colin Clyburn, Hartlepool

White: "Easy question, Colin, it was the second Matt Hughes v Frank Trigg bout (April 2005). Amazing fight, with an awesome back story and build-up and the way Matt won the fight, coming back after getting hit low, was just awesome to experience live. You just had to be there to feel how amazing that fight was.

"Chuck v Silva was a great fight and is up there. It was very special to me because I?d tried for years to make that fiThe scoring system in the UFC has always been questionable. As time goes on, it is becoming apparent that a change needs to be made - the Bisping/Hamill fight at UFC 75 being an obvious example. Can we expect any changes in the future? - Eric Smith, Londonng an obvious example. Can we expect any changes in the future? - Eric Smith, London

White: "I hear you, Eric. I know exactly what you are saying. The 10-point must system was developed for boxing and it doesn?t fit mixed martial arts that well.

"But what you've got to understand is, unlike in the UK, the people who regulate sports over here ? guys like the Nevada State Athletic Commission - are the government.

"These guys are part of the actual government of the state so doing something as huge as changing the whole system for scoring won?t happen just like that.

"And even if someone spent months putting together the perfect scoring system for MMA you know what? We?ll still have some fights where you see one guy winning and I see another.

"We will still get arguments and controversy, because when it goes to the scorecards it is about opinion and peoDana, why did you turn down M1's offer to let Fedor fight Randy in the UFC? Is there any chance Randy Couture will face Fedor in a UFC show, and if not, will we ever see 'The Natural' compete in the Octagon again? - Steve, Liverpoolt, will we ever see 'The Natural' compete in the Octagon again? - Steve, Liverpool

White: "I tried to make that fight for months but I?m not getting into some b***s*** posturing. Fedor isn?t a real fighter, he?s a complete joke.

"He?s fighting middleweights and guys who have absolutely no business fighting ? and he?s looking like s*** doing it.

"It's 2008 and he hasn?t had a real fight since 2005. I don?t care about what he did in PRIDE years ago - he can?t live with anyone in the top five in the UFC and that?s why he?s not here.

"He?s not in the UFC because if he was he couldn?t avoid real competition like he?s been doing for years now.

"And Randy Couture knows all of that, believe me. Let me tell you - Chuck Liddell knocked Randy Couture out ? out cold ? twice and that?s why Randy retired. Chuck ended his career as a top light heavyweight and that?s why he retired.

"Then after being done and gone for a year he calls me on my cell phone saying ?Dana, I want to come back as a heavyweight and fight Tim Sylvia ? can you make it happen??

"We make that happen, we give Randy Couture that huge opportunity and now Randy Couture is refusing to give a fighter like Antonio Nogueira that exact same opportunity he was given.

?'Captain America' needs to honour his contract and honour fighters like Nogueira. You would expect 'Captain America' should do the honourable thing."

Interesting what he has to say about Fedor and him fighting total walkovers. It has seemed like that in his last few fights, but he only has himself to blame. Still, come October, I'm sure Randy will be waiting in the wings. What happens after that however, is anyones guess! Either way, his friendship with Couture is quite clearly over!

In conclusion... Fedor Emelianenko: Fight with Randy Couture ?Will Take Place?... Just never in the Octogon! At least not anytime in the near future!

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Interesting read. I think hes made it quite clear how he feels about Fedor. It almost appears as though hes just sore. Certainly cleared up the possibility of ever getting him in the future : OP

What really annoys me about Dana White, and anyone in a similar position for that matter, is how they never really answer the question. They dance around it and give a very political answer. Even when hes in a position to just give an opinion like he does on the 'Countdown' shows. Why do people continue to ask those sort of questions? They will never get a real answer.

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