Whats your favourite Football club

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i don't have one :o damn if i did i would change everyday. i hate players when they play bad. i like football (soccer) in general. i love teams that beat bigger and most famous teams. that's when i get exicted when they lose

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[American football]

Well, I was a Chicago Bears fan, then I moved to the Carolina Panthers, when I lived in North Carolina and now that I'm in Minnesota, I like the Vikings.

But as you can tll by my avatar, Ohio State Buckeye football is the best!

[/American football]

Hey, I edited my post when I read the title more in depth.


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Boca Juniors


what do you think about River Plate :D :laugh: :laugh:

ok.., just kidding... :p

What I think...?????

:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:


:hump: them.... :D

Btw... where are you from majere...??? :whistle:

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