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Hey all,

I have been working on a program for two days now and i was insterested if anyone else would have any use for it.

I saw this kind of program always as a part of a complete shell replacement and i just wanted this menu and nothing else :p. So i decided to try and code it myself. I all turned out pretty nice i must say so.


This program displays a shortcut menu to the left or right of the screen. This menu can have the number of shortcut items the screen height can display (for now). Also it has infinite number of sub menu's, although this has its limits (screen size).

When the user doesn't hover the mouse over this menu, it will disappear until only 1 px is still visible on the border of the screen. Then when the user hovers the mouse over this 1px border, the menu slides in and is usable.


Pic1: http://www.soolstyle.com/images/QuickLaunch_01.jpg (All overview)

Pic2: http://www.soolstyle.com/images/QuickLaunch_01.jpg (Just the menu)



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In case you want to pick up ideas for features, there already is an implementation of this sort of docked launcher:


Ah i never seen that one before... sure makes mines just puny lol :p

I uploaded a version i currently have running. You can find it here: Download

Note: It requires .NET 2.0 to run.

To custumize the menu items, just right click the main menu and select configuration. At the tree view, right click a node and select delete to delete a item. Just select a node and type the name and path and press the "add" button to create a child of the selected node. (need to make that better :p).

There still is much to do to it, and there are some error handlers that are not there yet... sorry :(

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