Worst hard drive crash I've seen

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Are the heads made of adamantium or what? The last time I've tried to break platters with a hammer, the only thing I've achieved were small dents and only bending it lightly.

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Looking at those pics again, that's not so much a drive crash as it is the hardware equivalent of a kamikaze pilot.

The drive died...WITH HONOR!

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It's probably an RIAA brand hard drive. Someone tried ripping a song from a CD to that drive and it destroyed itself... :shiftyninja:



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We pulled a bad drive apart at work this afternoon. It had a nasty rattle to it before we opened it, but we didn't expect this:















If you look the little filter thingy that all hard drives seem to have is gone.......wonder what happened there?

Theory: Little filter thingy gets dislodged somehow, flis around and makes contact with the pcb board. The filter hits a couple of pins just right, and before you know it both ave disappeared.

This is of course assuming there was any oxygen in there.

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Looks like the rubber padded seal melted and flaked every inside the drive. The material is usually lined on the metal pieces of the drive as well as the arm reading the disc.

I bet if you lightly rub off the resude from the discs and place it in another drive, it would be recoverable. You could send it away to a data recovery company for a few thousand dollars.


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Of course there's oxygen in there. They aren't air tight in the slightest.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Funniest post for a while! :laugh: :laugh:

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