Pacquiao vs. Marquez II

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Its coming up soon. Huge bragging rights to end an era in this weight class. Manny has cleaned house except for the draw with Marquez. What a definitive match up. Who will be considered the man in this division? This win will probably cement Manny as the most dominant should he win. Marquez only draw back is he has never fought and beat Morales.

Quick interview:

On March 15, two of the top super featherweights collide in a long awaited rematch entitled "Unfinished Business." Fittingly titled, the first bout between Manny Pacquiao (45-3-2, 35 KOs) and Juan Manuel Marquez (48-3, 35 KOs) was an all out action packed fight in which Pacquiao was able to knock down Marquez three times in the first round. Marquez survived to counterpunch his way through the rest of the 12 rounds and even landing some wicked exchanges of his own, stunning Pacquiao in the middle rounds. Although controversial, the classic fight between these two warriors ended in a draw leaving the viewers salivating for more. The current WBC super featherweight champion Marquez plans to retain his title on March 15. Pacman, however, has some different plans.

Manny, you chose to train here in the US this time other than the Philippines like your last fight with Marco Antonio Barrera, is there a significant reason?

I like training here in America cause I can focus and concentrate in my training a lot more than I can in the Philippines. It helps me to be better prepared for my fights.

Do you believe weight will be an issue with you this time around considering that you had a little trouble making weight in the Barrera fight?

No, I believe I?m on right on time with my training and having a little less than one month to go. I will have no problem making the weight this time.Will this fight have a big difference from the first one with Marquez?b>

Well it?s going to be a big difference from the first one. The first one ended in a draw and now both of us are really hungry and wanting to win this fighWith having faced three of the great Mexican warriors of this generation Morales, Barrera, and now Marquez for the second time, do you believe this will be your toughest fight?

I can?t really say that it will be the toughest fight, but it will be one of my toughest fights. All three of those fighters are very tough. Barrera and Morales were also considered my toughest fights at the tIn facing the power of Barrera, Morales, and Marquez, do you feel a difference in the power of punches between the three?e?

I think all of them punch hard with great power but I can?t really say one more than another. But I believe anyone can go down if they get hit at the right spot so my plan always is to not geIn your first fight with Marquez, he seemed to fall back into a countering-punch style attack using his boxing skill and ring generalship. Do you expect Marquez to be more aggressive this time around?und?

I don?t really have any idea as how he plans to fight me this time around. All I can say is that I?m prepared, we?re prepared, and even if he counterpunches me I will have something prepJuan Manuel Marquez boldly states that he does not think you are the Mexican killer everyone says you are and will prove that he is the champion come fight night. What do you think about these statements?tatements?

I never believed or thought of myself as a Mexican killer. That was never my belief. I?m just an ordinary boxer in the ring and an ordinary fighter that is just willing to give his best to give a good fight and makeThere are some big names being thrown in there with you and possibilities for your next fight, names such as Ricky Hatton, Floyd Mayweather, and Oscar De La Hoya. Are these fights a possibility?possibility?

Yes, there is a possibility for these fights. It?s not something I really want to comment on right now though. I?m just really focused on my upcoming fight with JuLastly, any closing statements to your fans?ts to your fans?

To all my fans thank you very much for all your support and prayers. Don't miss the fight! Thank you so much everybody!

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