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Skip to the bold lettering if you don't care for the background story...

I've had many basketballs through my childhood but one specific basketball has been with me for a very long time. I know I've had it since at least kindergarten, possibly before. I recall misspelling a Shawn Kemp signature I forged onto it when I was 5 or 6. It has more than faded away now... I'm almost 21. The basketball has been used very frequently through the years on a gravel court and recently I brought it with me to college.

Well... A week ago, it went flat for good. It hasn't in good shape for a while, the threads are cracked, the orange leathering is well on it's way off. Now I want to keep it as one of the few sentimental items I care for.

To the point: (Just read this if you don't want the story)

This basketball no longer holds air for more than 24 hours. I can pump air into it, and it will harden, but I now simply want to preserve it and put it in a case.

Does anyone know of a type of spray adhesive or some type of fix to suggest to simply preserve whats left of it aired up one last time?


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It might hold nitrogen.

At some tire places and bike shops they pump your tires full of pure nitrogen, rather than air because they say it holds better.

Although, last time I checked (6th grade I think) Air was 70 some % Nitrogen anyways, so they might be full of ****.

Could be worth a shot in this case anyways.

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