Windows XP rc2 wont install on my raid setup why?

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Just finish completing my raid setup, i've partition 60gb (30x2 hdd) into two drives evenly and have installed Windows Me on one drive, i then install windows XP on drive 2 but after i select the drive and leave file system intact it says drive C: is currupted.

What the f**k.

any help would be good cya

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A friend of mine was supposed to setup raid on Windows XP. I'll ask him if he successfully installed RC2 with raid and let you know what happened.

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I need to know:

1) PCI card or integrated into the motherboard?

2) Which company?

3) What BIOS and drivers version are you running?

Once the above has been answered, I might be able to help you...depending on which company your raid card is from.

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