[Football] Mansfield to Renamed Harchester?

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A man bidding to buy Mansfield Town is planning to rename the club Harchester United after the former Sky series The Dream Team, the BBC has learnt.

John Batchelor, former owner of York City, submitted a bid to majority shareholder Keith Haslam on Wednesday.

Producers of the Sky series confirmed Mr Batchelor had made an approach to use the name.

It is understood the racing car enthusiast also plans to use actors from the television series at the club.

Crucial match

Mr Batchelor said: "Football supporters in general have to understand that if they want professional football in their town, they have to accept it has to be done on a commercial basis.

"Harchester is more promotable than Mansfield. That's not any form of insult to Mansfield at all because it's a club with a long tradition but it's just a fact of life.

"One club has been on the television for 10 years and the other one hasn't."

The businessman changed York City's name to York City Soccer Club when he was at Bootham Crescent to attract American interest.

Mansfield are currently second from bottom in the Football League.

Mr Batchelor was initially part of a consortium before deciding to bid for the struggling League Two club on his own.

The club has undergone a name change once before - from Mansfield Wesleyans to Mansfield Town in 1910.

The Stags play Notts County in a crucial local derby at Meadow Lane on Saturday.

Would be awesome but really stupid!

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That is not on that. I hate the way football is slowly dying on so many levels...


I love that shirt but it was always to expensive but I love this idea if you own the club you can do whatever you want with it, but the past history of mansfield is lost.

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Haha I thought this was a joke when somebody at work told me.

Harchester sucked anyway.

Karl Fletcher ftw!


Need to bring him back! (even tho he died on a coat hook)

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