[Football] Player Got Himself Sent Off to Clear Gambling Debt

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The FA are to look into reports that a former Premier League footballer allegedly fixed a match in order to pay off a ?50,000 gambling debt.

The unnamed player is said to have agreed to get himself sent off and also persuaded three team mates to get booked during a game which was played in the last two years - actions which led to the bookmaker cancelling his debt.

The Independent and Sun report that the star, who is now said to be full or remorse, admitted to the plan during a seminar on gambling at the Sporting Chance clinic in Hampshire.

On Friday, an FA spokesman said: "We will be making inquiries into this report."

FA investigators' first step will be to establish whether the match concerned took place in England, otherwise it would be beyond their jurisdiction.

A source also claimed that the group was told of a lower league player who had considered suicide after racking up a debt of ?37,000 and of Premier League players who are fighting cocaine abuse without the knowledge of their clubs.

Chief executive of Sporting Chance Peter Kay said: "Neither I nor Sporting Chance are responsible for what an ex-client or client might say, but if you are asking whether I'm aware of this case, the answer is yes.

"I don't believe the card business is widespread, but it has happened to my knowledge on several occasions."


Again, more destroying of our beautiful game is taking place. We will probably have a full scale Calciocaos taking place in the Premier League soon.

I know who the player involved is, but I doubt I can post it online because his name has not been officially released yet.

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