15th April 1989 - 96 Never Forgotten

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Nineteen years may of passed since the terrible events at Hillsborough, but the 96 who lost their lives will never be forgotten.


John Alfred Anderson (62)

Thomas Howard (39)

Colin Mark Ashcroft (19)

Thomas Anthony Howard (14)

James Gary Aspinall (18)

Eric George Hughes (42)

Kester Roger Marcus Ball (16)

Alan Johnston (29)

Gerard Bernard Patrick Baron (67)

Christine Anne Jones (27)

Simon Bell (17)

Gary Philip Jones (18)

Barry Sidney Bennett (26)

Richard Jones (25)

David John Benson (22)

Nicholas Peter Joynes (27)

David William Birtle (22)

Anthony Peter Kelly (29)

Tony Bland (22)

Michael David Kelly (38)

Paul David Brady (21)

Carl David Lewis (18)

Andrew Mark Brookes (26)

David William Mather (19)

Carl Brown (18)

Brian Christopher Mathews (38)

David Steven Brown (25)

Francis Joseph McAllister (27)

Henry Thomas Burke (47)

John McBrien (18)

Peter Andrew Burkett (24)

Marion Hazel McCabe (21)

Paul William Carlile (19)

Joseph Daniel McCarthy (21)

Raymond Thomas Chapman (50)

Peter McDonnell (21)

Gary Christopher Church (19)

Alan McGlone (28)

Joseph Clark (29)

Keith McGrath (17)

Paul Clark (18)

Paul Brian Murray (14)

Gary Collins (22)

Lee Nicol (14)

Stephen Paul Copoc (20)

Stephen Francis O'Neill (17)

Tracey Elizabeth Cox (23)

Jonathon Owens (18)

James Philip Delaney (19)

William Roy Pemberton (23)

Christopher Barry Devonside (18)

Carl William Rimmer (21)

Christopher Edwards (29)

David George Rimmer (38)

Vincent Michael Fitzsimmons (34)

Graham John Roberts (24)

Thomas Steven Fox (21)

Steven Joseph Robinson (17)

Jon-Paul Gilhooley (10)

Henry Charles Rogers (17)

Barry Glover (27)

Colin Andrew Hugh William Sefton (23)

Ian Thomas Glover (20)

Inger Shah (38)

Derrick George Godwin (24)

Paula Ann Smith (26)

Roy Harry Hamilton (34)

Adam Edward Spearritt (14)

Philip Hammond (14)

Philip John Steele (15)

Eric Hankin (33)

David Leonard Thomas (23)

Gary Harrison (27)

Patrik John Thompson (35)

Stephen Francis Harrison (31)

Peter Reuben Thompson (30)

Peter Andrew Harrison (15)

Stuart Paul William Thompson (17)

David Hawley (39)

Peter Francis Tootle (21)

James Robert Hennessy (29)

Christopher James Traynor (26)

Paul Anthony Hewitson (26)

Martin Kevin Traynor (16)

Carl Darren Hewitt (17)

Kevin Tyrrell (15)

Nicholas Michael Hewitt (16)

Colin Wafer (19)

Sarah Louise Hicks (19)

Ian David Whelan (19)

Victoria Jane Hicks (15)

Martin Kenneth Wild (29)

Gordon Rodney Horn (20)

Kevin Daniel Williams (15)

Arthur Horrocks (41)

Graham John Wright (17)


For more information on the Hillsborough disaster please visit http://www.contrast.org/hillsborough/

Justice for the 96.

You'll Never Walk Alone.

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While we are at it, let's not forget the close to 100,000 documented civilian deaths in Iraq since 2003.

There's always one who just HAS to bring politics into sport, isn't there.... :rolleyes:

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I'm a Manchester United fan, but a tragedy must be remembered and respected, regardless of where your allegiance lies. So to those who lost their lives that day, may they rest in peace.

There's always one who just HAS to bring politics into sport, isn't there.... :rolleyes:

Indeed, leave politics at thread entrance, please :rolleyes: .

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My brother-in-law's dad is something to do with the official group who represented the familes in court. The police and press made this tragedy, and it was disgusting the lies that were said about the dead.


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hey martyn i heard that the ten year old boy who died was stevie g's cousin... is that true?

Yes, that is true. Steven Gerrard's cousin was the youngest to die at Hillsborough. Not many people know that though, although it is one of the first things he mentions in his autobiography.

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