The Ultimate Warrior Returns After 12 years

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I am sorry but this guy just doesn't have it anymore. I was a big fan of his but his days are long gone.

Source of news:

OFF THE TURNBUCKLE: Ultimate Warrior to return to wrestling

By DAN GILLES, Morning Journal Writer


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YOUTUBE has really done a lot for the career of the Iron Sheik.

The popular Web site has also done a lot for the Ultimate Warrior, albeit exposing what a moron the guy is.

So, all you Youtubers out there will be happy (or at least intrigued) to know that the Warrior will wrestle his first match in 10 years on Wednesday, June 25, when he takes on Orlando Jordan in Barcelona, Spain for the NWE promotion.

Speak to me, Warriors!!!

No one knows really what the Warrior, who has spent a lot of time during his 10-year absence away from the business railing on about how terrible wrestling was and is, was thinking by coming back to the ring. And, almost as importantly, no one knows just how much NWE is paying Warrior for making this return trip to the ring.

The angle started on Saturday, April 19, at a show in Madrid. Warrior was brought in for a "special awards presentation" highlighting his "great" career in the ring. However, Jordan, who is the NWE champion, interrupted the proceedings by mocking a young fan of Warrior?s sitting at ringside.

Of course, Warrior quickly came to the kid?s defense, which sparked a face-to-face confrontation between the two and set up this one-on-one match.

The last time Warrior was in wrestling was for a disastrous run with World Championship Wrestling in 1999, where he took on Hulk Hogan in a rematch of their famous WrestleMania XI main event. Of course, this match wasn?t nearly as good as their first confrontation. Hogan got the win, and Warrior disappeared from wrestling.

Prior to that, Warrior made a brief return to the World Wrestling Federation in 1996. He took on Triple H (then known as Hunter Hearst Helmsley) in a match that was so bad, WWE officials would love to forget about it. HHH did the job to Warrior in less than two minutes. Just like that, Warrior disappeared again.

A few years ago, WWE released a DVD called "The Rise and Fall of the Ultimate Warrior," which focused on his initial run with the company and how his flakiness ultimately ruined his reputation around the wrestling world. It's quite funny and worth checking out if you get the chance.

If you'd like to see Warrior's return to wrestling, log on to YouTube. A video is already posted of it.


Here's the updated card for tonight's WWE pay-per-view "Backlash," beginning at 8 p.m. (card subject to change):

Randy Orton vs. Triple H vs. John Cena vs. JBL in a four-way elimination match for the WWE Title

Undertaker vs. Edge for the World Title

Shawn Michaels vs. Batista (with Chris Jericho as guest referee)

Big Show vs. Great Khali

Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero for the ECW Title

MVP vs. Matt Hardy for the U.S. Title

Mickie James-Ashley Massaro-Michelle McCool-Kelly Kelly-Maria-Cherry vs. Beth Phoenix-Melina-Jillian Hall-Layla-Victoria-Natalya in a 12-Diva Tag Team Match

The four-way was originally slated as a "fatal four-way match" but changed to an "elimination match." This prevents Orton for sneaking away with a victory like he did at WrestleMania last month.

The inclusion of JBL in this match is somewhat surprising. Wasn't he an announcer on Smackdown recently? Since when does that make him a title contender? Oh well, who knows the thinking behind WWE?s storylines these days.

Anyway, here are my predictions on tonight's event:

For the second time in a row, my choice to win the WWE Title is Triple H. Cena is filming another movie, JBL isn't championship material at the moment and Orton?s run should be about over.

While it wouldn't surprise me to see Edge win, I'm taking Undertaker to retain. Why WWE would run the exact same main event as WrestleMania one month later really baffles me.

Michaels should beat Batista, although the inclusion of Jericho as ref could lead to an underhanded Batista win.

As a reward for making Floyd Mayweather look good, Big Show should pick up the duke tonight vs. The Great Stiff ? err, Khali.

Kane should beat Chavo, and this match will last longer than the five seconds their WrestleMania match did.

I don't understand why the MVP-Matt Hardy match is on this card. Oh well, MVP wins.

Like last time, the Divas' match doesn?t warrant a prediction. Besides, does it really matter who wins those matches? Actually, my prediction is one of them gets stripped to their bra and underwear. It happens at every PPV.

All Backlash really seems to do is water down any momentum accrued from what is normally a great WrestleMania. This one appears to be of the same ilk.

More goonage

Michael "P.S." Hayes was suspended from the WWE creative team for 60 days due to uttering a racial slur during WrestleMania weekend. The slur was said as part of what was supposedly a "friendly" conversation with Mark Henry, who happens to be black. Ed Koskie has taken Hayes' spot as the lead writer for Smackdown while Hayes is suspended.

There was plenty of mainstream attention given to the fact that all three presidential candidates (John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) all appeared on Raw with pre-taped comments. Of course, most of the attention was negative, because how could candidates for the presidency reach out to an audience as ?low-brow? as professional wrestling? I'm being sarcastic.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the "match" featuring both Clintons and Obama was done with imposters. You would be surprised how many people actually believe the real Hillary and Barack were fighting on Raw last Monday.

Hulk Hogan's latest reality show project, "Wrestling with the Stars," was picked up by a network this week. What network that is is unknown at this time.

The Great Khali will be taking a leave of absence from WWE at the end of the month to return to India, where he will supposedly open a wrestling school for children. It's expected that Khali will stay in India for a month before returning to WWE.

WWE formally announced that WrestleMania XXV will take place live from Houston next year at Reliant Stadium. Ric Flair and several other WWE officials traveled to Houston this week to meet with local business leaders about sponsorship possibilities.

WWE released three developmental wrestlers who were working for Florida Championship Wrestling this week. One of them was former New York Giants tight end Ryan Bishop.

Rob Van Dam revealed this week that his wife, Sonya, is battling colon cancer. The disease is curable, and Van Dam is expecting a full recovery.

Flair will continue to work as an "ambassador" of sorts for WWE. He will make radio appearances, sign autographs at on-sale events, entertain advertisers and do other PR-related functions on behalf of WWE.

New ECW announcer Mike Adamle is good friends with NBC president Dick Ebersol, who is also close with Vince McMahon. Hence, why Adamle was not only signed in the first place, but also why he was given the gig as ECW play-by-play man. So far, though, he's a joke not only with fans, but also with many who work for WWE.

At least four signs urging WWE to fire Adamle were confiscated by security before Tuesday's ECW/Smackdown tapings.

And finally, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann named JBL his "Worst Person of the Week" this week, not only for his role as a financial commentator on Fox News, but also his shilling of an energy drink that is supposed to act as a sexual sti

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