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Urijah Faber . Vs. Jens Pulver . Massive fight

Yoshiro Maeda . Vs. Miguel Torres . Massive fight

Chuck Grigsby Vs. Mark Munoz .

Kenneth Alexander . Vs. Rob McCullough . Massive fight

Danny Castillo Vs. Donald Cerrone .

Jeff Curran . Vs. Mike Brown

Chase Beebe . Vs. Will Ribeiro .

Tim McKenzie . Vs. Jeremy Lang

Alex Serdyukov . Vs. Luis Sapo

Jose Aldo Vs. Alexandre Franca Nogueira .

Charlie Valencia . Vs. Dominic Cruz .

This is looking to be a massive event. Thank God there is so GOOD MMA on after that fiasco of last night.

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Well the McCullough Alexander fight turned out to be an utter disappointment. No real aggression at all.

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The main event, Faber v Pulver was everything it was billed to be. A great war by 2 great fighters.

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