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After a while without a set of speakers for my iPod (also doubles up as a dock with a USB connection), I decided to go for one.

I saw this on Amazon for ?39.99 down from ?99.99 - here if anyone wants it.Overview/features:b>

From the Amazon product page:

* From the makers of the Klipsch iGroove

* Compatible with all new iPod Formats - Touch, Classic,Nano 3rd Generation and all previous 30 Pin Dock versions

* Video output allows you to view images and video stored on your iPod photo or iPod video on your TV

* Audio input allows the system to function as a PC speaker

* Wireless remote lets you adjust the settings from across the room

* Stylish, high-gloss black cabinet finish

* Wall-mountable

* Charges your iPod while dockedMain review.b>Packagingu>

I ordered these around 5:45 pm on Thursday evening, and it came around 9am the next morning. So credit to Amazon for quick and reliable delivery. Apon opening the main brown box it came in, I came onto the main product. It came in a nicely designed white / grey box.




ivoicepackaging2wd4.jpgBuild quality:u>

The product itsself is rather nice, comes with a sleek black finish (though it's only available in Black). Not the most portable of docks though, so finding space to put it could be an issue. My iPod fitted perfectly onto the dock connector. Has 3 buttons on the top of the system. Which are: Power, Volume - / +. It isnt the lightest of docks either, so probably one for a desk or table. It can be wall mounted though, has holes in the back for mounting. Also, on the dock connector itsself, it comes with a dial, so you can adjust it to fit your model of iPod. From what I understand, it supports generally all models.


Note, the UK version comes with a UK plug and not a 2 pin US plug

Image credit to: ilounge.com

Just to note for the device itself

The USB connection on the iVoice is not compatible with the iPhone or iTouch.

The video output function of the iVoice is not compatible with the 3rd gen iPod nano, the 6th gen iPod classic, the iPhone, or iTouch.Ease of setup/useu>

Was fairly easy and quick to set up, it has an internal supply, so no worries about a bulky supply. The power plugs into a slot in the back. Using it was rather easy also. I just fitted my iPod into the dock connector, and it recognised it. One thing that could be seen as a negative is, it defaults back to max volume whenever it's turned off. Would have been nice to have been able to set the volume and have it rememebered.Audio qualityu>

The quality of the audio using this is very good. I've played a few types of music on there so far (Drum 'n' Bass, Rock and Pop) and it's been able to produce great quality audio for all of them. Very clear, and doesnt seem to distort.

It also has inputs for other devices. I havent tested this, but it should be of the same quality as the iPod audioVerdictu>

Id certainly recommend this, its great value for money, and could probably match or outdo iPod speakers priced above ?39.99. It has a few flaws (defaulting volume and the size and weight of it) but those youll more likely get used to after using it.

Ill give it 9/10

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Nice review, but I have serious doubts about the audio quality. I suppose you get what you pay for.

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Nice review! I have the same exact ones and the sound is awesome!

Too bad the video outputs don't work on the new range of iPods (Classic, 3rd -4th Generation Nano, iTouch, and the iPhone)

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