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Ceiling Speakers in the Shower

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Twisted Chaz    0

Hello again my fellow Neowinians

I've been sent on a mission again by a guy at work for one of his property developments.

He's interested in getting a speaker system set-up in the shower. Now I can imagine this is not very uncommon these days.

He wants to have waterproof speakers installed in the ceiling of the bathroom / shower which can then be plugged into an iPod. So what I'm looking for is the speakers and an iPod wall dock / waterproof housing that can be used within a wet environment.

I've been told that the speakers have to be "powered" meaning that they don't need an amp to work, but as you can probably already tell I'm not an expert in the audio equipment area, so any help you can give is much appreciated.

The costs is as low as possible, with the sound quality still being acceptable.


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