XBOX360, trouble changing LIVE ID

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Ive been patient enough with this problem, hoping it would sort itself out over the months but its still the same.

Since changing my email months back to gmail from hotmail I decided as you would to change the live id associated with my xbox account. However every time I go through the process I get the following :

"there is a problem with the birth date for your new windows live id" and then asks me to verify it.

Both ID's details are identical. Birthday, name, address etc. But it wont let me change.

Usually I dont care about it, but there is an issue where some guy on myspace seems to be using the same email address as me. Im getting his myspace new comment notifications and just today I got an email from Microsoft saying thanks for signing up for a months trial to gold.

But thats a seperate issue.

Any ideas on why its going this to me? Not the first either

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I think this is a problem you will need to contact support for help. I've never heard of anyone having this problem before.

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