Installing and Setting up Songbird

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I've always been curious as to what this media player is about, so I decided to try it out.

You can either compile it from source, check to see if its in your distro's repository or download a .deb here if your on Ubuntu.

I noticed by default its missing some pretty crucial things for a media player, and some things I've grown accustom to such as default multimedia key support and a tray icon. Here's whats nice about the media player, it has supports for add-ons, being as it shares some of its source code with Firefox or something to that matter.

If you want multimedia functionality copy/paste this into songbirds "birdhouse" browser. For a tray icon copy/paste this into the browser.

If anyone has any other cool add-ons feel free to post them, I've just recently been trying a few different media players after using Amarok for a while. It would be nice to see this app in the Ubuntu repository, I'm pretty sure its not in there.

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