Telegraph Fantasy Football 08/09

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Was just wondering how many people have signed up to the Telegraphs Fantasy Football 08/09 Season?

If there are quite a few of us we could set up a Super League?

It costs ?6 for 1 Team or ?10 for 2 Teams and the prizes are pretty impressive. You can see what prizes are available here: Prizes Info.

As you can see there are prizes for the best SuperLeague as well.

If you are intersted in joining and playing just go here - Pick a Team.

If people want to create a Neowin SuperLeague I am sure someone on here can as I have already set a League between my friend:):)

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I'll be doing it with a group of friends but would join the Neowin league if there was one. I did the free premier league one the year before last. I joined the neowin league and it was good but did the telegraph last season and will be doing it this season too.

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