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We had our draft today, and I had the 4th pick overall....

QB-Peyton Manning

RB-Lawrence Maroney

RB-LenDale White

WR-Andre Johnson

WR-Anquan Boldin

WR-Joey Galloway

TE-Kellen Winslow

K-Shayne Graham



QB-Matt Hasslebeck

RB-Ahman Green

WR-Javon Walker

TE-Randy McMichael


I think I did fairly well...

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You've got a pretty weak RB core considering you had the fourth pick, but other than that it looks ok. You might package up a WR/RB for a better RB. You could also certainly trade Peyton for a stud RB considering Hasselbeck posts pretty solid numbers and Peyton, though he's accurate, hasn't posted phenomenal numbers for fantasy the last few seasons.

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