[Boxing] Amir Khan knocked out in first round

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Khan knocked out in first round

Amir Khan was knocked out inside the first minute of his WBO intercontinental lightweight title defence by Colombia's Breidis Prescott.

The Bolton boxer was put down for the first time after just 30 seconds when hit by two lefts in quick succession.

Khan, 21, managed to regain his feet but was clearly struggling.

He resumed after an eight count but Prescott unleashed another flurry and Khan hit the deck once more before being counted out after 54 seconds.

It was a first defeat for Khan, who won an Olympic silver medal at the 2004 Olympics, in the 19th fight of his professional career.

"I made a little mistake in there and couldn't get it back again. It was a stupid mistake," said Khan.

"That's boxing. One punch can change the fight. I'm fine but I need to go back to the drawing board and put it right.

"I'm a world beater and I'm going to come back stronger. I'm really sorry to my fans."

Before the fight Khan said he had been working on his much-criticised defence with new trainer Jorge Rubio, but Prescott rocked the Bolton fighter within seconds of the start.

A stiff jab snapped Khan's head back and he was soon caught by a crisp left hook.

Khan managed to absorb a right hand but was then caught by a second left hook from Prescott and his legs buckled before he hit the deck.

It looked as though he would struggle to beat the count as his legs threatened to go from under him, but he managed to convince the referee he was fit to continue after taking a full eight count.

But when the bout resumed he immediately walked onto a right hand from Prescott and another right and left from the Colombian was enough to send Khan crashing and ruin his unbeaten record.

It was Khan's first fight on pay per view television and his first bout since starting to work with Cuban trainer Rubio.

Khan's promoter Frank Warren said he took responsibility for putting him in the ring with the dangerous Prescott.

"I've got to take responsibility for it," said Warren.

"This guy was recommended by the new trainer but ultimately I take responsibility and it's back to the drawing board.

"He was caught cold. We knew this guy was a dangerous puncher. He's not the first fighter to be beat and come back to win world titles. It's how you come back from it."

Source - BBC Sport

Just saw the fight, he was out and bad! He's never really taken a beating before, and this was a proper beating. It was about time, you could tell that he was starting to get too cocky and looking as though he was not taking the threats posed by some of his opponents seriously. So, now that he's got that first loss under his belt and his unbeaten record tarnished, can he come back?

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He's had that cocky attitude for a long time now, it's nothing recent. I think this loss will actually do some good for him and put some things into prospective. Maybe he'll realise he isn't the be all and end all to boxing and come back with a better attitude (Y)

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It's his managers fault for constantly putting him against weaker, less talented, apponents. Causing Amir's confidence to sky rocket.

When he finally faced someone who had the ability to put the pressure on, Amir couldn't handle it.

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My brother was at the fight - drove all the way up from Portsmouth :laugh:

Khan is incredibly overrated - maybe he can come back stronger and learn from his mistakes, but it has been said before that he may well have a glass jaw. Personally, don't think he can hack it in the world stage against top boxers.

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