AFL Finals on TV UK

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Does anybody know if Eurosport will be showing the Aussie Rules Football finals. I know Setanta have it live but last year Eurosport showed it later on in the evening, will they this year, I can't seem to get any info off of the Eurosport website (which in my opinion sucks since yahoo took over) or Google (which also sucks-but that is another discussion for another time)

On a side note. Have you noticed how people think you are a fan of a certain team just cos they are winning.

I am a Geelong Cats fan (since 1988) and love to watch them play, but what rankles with me is the people who think I am a glory hunter. The Cats won the premiership last year and will win it this (I hope) and they only lost one game all season. So yeah they are being successful this and last year. But they had won bugger all for 44 years - until 2007 - they came close but no cigar.

Same with Ferrari F1, fan since 1976 (yeah I'm old), supported through the drought years and yet they become the doyen of F1 with God - er I mean Schui - and suddenly I only like em cos they are winning!

In MotoGP I have been a Rossi fan since the 125 days, but lo and behold, "you only like Rossi cos he wins all the time"

Well hang on, I also love Noriyuki Haga in WSB, he hasn't won a world championship and for the most part these past years ends up on his arse. Still I want him to win. I suppose next year on a Xerox Ducati, if he wins all the time like Bayliss this year, it'll be the same story.

As you see from my sig (although in a few years if you are reading this it will have changed) I support Johnny Rea in WSS, but mainly from his HM Plant days in the British Superbikes. Has he won a World championship? Thought not.

Ooops I seem to have gone off on a wild tangent, answer my question or comment on the above diatribe, its all good.

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