Cristiano Ronaldo wins FifPro award

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been named FifPro World Footballer of the Year. It is the first in what is expected to be a host of individual honours for the 23-year-old, who scored 42 goals for Manchester United on their way to Champions League and Premier League title glory last term.

Ronaldo with one of his many awards last year.

Ronaldo had suggested last week he could do no more than he did to be crowned the best player on the planet and peers from over 40 countries are in agreement.

"To be recognised by my fellow professional players worldwide coming from over 50,000 players is amazing," the Portugal winger said.

"I would like to thank my teammates and coaches and everyone involved at Man United and the national team, as well as my family and friends for their support," Ronaldo said. "Thank you also to FIFPro for this award and for your work in protecting the interests and welfare of players around the world."

It is anticipated Ronaldo will also scoop the Ballon D'Or and the FIFA World Player of the Year award, with the Portugal international - who has also been named in FifPro's world team of the year - keen to remain at Old Trafford for another couple of seasons at least.

''I insist that I am a Manchester United player and now I think that next year I will continue here,'' Ronaldo told Marca.

The player also claims to have learned from his selfish ways and no longer tries to beat opponents just for the sake of it.

''I have always played the way I do. It is natural,'' he said. ''If you want to be good, you have to practice, not just in training but games as well. That is my style of football.

''But I am different now compared to five years ago. Then I was dribbling but not doing anything for the team.

''Now I have more experience and I feel more mature. I do things for the team. So, sometimes I dribble, sometimes I don't.''

It seems every move Ronaldo makes is analysed and dissected to establish whether the 23-year-old is still hankering after a move to Real Madrid, but Ronaldo now feels the Real Madrid saga is not worth discussing. However, he is happy to confirm Sir Alex Ferguson as the major factor behind his decision to stay and a continuing influence on his career.

''Sir Alex has been a big inspiration to me,'' he said. ''He believed in me enough to buy me. I have learned so many things from him and I am continuing to learn because he is a great manager.

''Of course, he was the main factor in keeping me here.

''But what happened in the summer is finished. Now my head is on the club. My focus is solely on playing well for Manchester United and winning the Premier League and Champions League again.''

Ronaldo accepts emulating last term's incredible achievements will be tough, both for him individually but for United collectively.

Even halfway through the campaign, he was not thinking about the possibility he could win the Golden Boot. It was only when he continued to hear his name linked with the famous trophy that the Madeira-born star truly began to recognise what he was on the brink of.

''I only started to believe it when I scored 22 or 23,'' he said. ''Before that it didn't even cross my mind because I am not a forward. My job is not to score, so to end up at 42 was incredible.

''It is important I recognise my team-mates because without them, it would not have been possible for me to get so many.

''But I have always been an ambitious player. I try to improve every season, not because I have to prove myself to anyone, just because I want to be the best I can be.

''I am still young and if I am being honest, I did not think I would reach this level so quickly.

''But I always believed in my talent and I have learned a lot, so it made me think that maybe I would become the best player in the world.''


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Great player and I support Man Utd so all I care about is results.

Don't think anyone is going to say he can't play, even if you dislike him/Man Utd.

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Of course he did. Ballon D'Or is next.

C. Ronaldo is the best since two seasons, he is so talented. I just love the way he move, it's like he's flying ont the pitch, his foot don't touch the ground. But as a Man Utd fan I have to say he really can't touch the ground, and his head is so wide right I wonder how he can get in his own car. But over the past 50 years we've seen a lot of very good players who had ****ty personalities. And it's not going to change since football stars are younger each year.

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He has the ability to be up there with the greats IF, and only IF, he gets rid of the crap that he does.

Going stiff and rolling around on the floor, acting as if he deserves to win every decision the ref makes - oh and get out of Utd ;)

LIke what has been said, he has talent but he is a complete chuff monkey!

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He has the ability to be up there with the greats IF, and only IF, he gets rid of the crap that he does.

Maradonna did a lot of crap back in his time. But he's still one the greats players of all time.

I think France Football (who give the Ballon D'Or) and espacially the people who votes must only judge what CR7 does on the pitch. Of course he is a complete full of arrogance jerk, but he is mostly a wonderful football player.

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I am 24, been watching football for 20 years. I have seen guys like him come and go. I hate him, hate the way he cries and throws himself to the ground. But even I have to admit the man can play, he's quick with the feet. I feel he deserves the reward even though I hate him most of all football players.

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