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With permission from DJP, I can modify his visual style and public my new Longhorn visual style.

This style is base on

Longhorn internal build 0.9

When you go to your Display Properties, you will see the name "Plex Style" in the appearance tab under windows and buttons You can choose between 2 visual styles, Plex Style I and Plex Style II

Thanks OldsCrow for Longhorn Shellstyles. Now I fixed color match to Longhorn.

Enjoy with my Plex Style theme.

Last update 25/09/2004

Version 14

-Added some Longhorn build 4029 touches

-Fixed some bugs in themes

-Tuned some resources

Version 13

-Fixed and updates more to complete it (Sorry, I forgot them all now)

Version 12

-Fixed Maximum Caption Bar resizing problems

-Fixed TaskBand Chervon color in ICE series

-Fixed Taskband Button Group bar size problems

-Fixed ToolBar Buttons in M4 series

-Update ShellStyles

-Update ToolBar to Gradient mode in New TaskBar series

Version 11

-Fixed Arrow in ComboButton position

-Fixed Caption Bar in "Plex M4 (New TaskBar)" to larger size

-Fixed Caption Bar sizing problems when maximized

-Fixed Menu Text to white

-Fixed MenuBar color in "Plex M4 ICE" series

-Fixed TaskBand Button box size in new taskbar

-Fixed TaskBar Chervon in Plex M4 ICE series

-Fixed TaskBar resizing problems in New TaskBar (smooth)

-Removed tray Line border in New TaskBar themes

-Update Longhorn M5 New TaskBar in New TaskBar Plex

-Update Menu to Blue again in Plex series (ICE still light blue)

-Update Place Button images

-Update TabItem to original Longhorn M4

-Update ToolBar text to Arial Bold like Longhorn new taskbar in New TaskBar themes (You have to use ClearType or see worse text)

-Update text in Programs to Arial Bold in New TaskBar themes (effects from ToolBar)

Last update 27/03/2003

Version 10

-Added "Plex M4 ICE"

-Added "Plex M4 ICE (New TaskBar)"

-Added "Plex M4 ICE Classic"

-Changed background to light blue

-Changed ReBar and ToolBar text color

-Fixed Button transparent problem

-Fixed CheckBox and Radio Button transparent problems

-Fixed Chervon transparent image problems

-Fixed TaskBand Checked Button border line

-Fixed TaskBand FlashButton image

-Fixed Tray Vertical Arrow placement problems

-Fixed ComboButton pink color transparent problem

-Fixed Seperater line in Tray

-Fixed Spin Button placement problems

-Fixed StartGroup Button image in Plex M4 (New TaskBar)

-Fixed Start Panel Bottom item placement

-Removed TaskBar Seperator

-Split visual style to "Plex Style I" and "Plex Style II"

-Update line border in StartGroup Button

-Update Start Button hover image

-Update StatusBar to Office2K3 toolbar image (It can't put to toolbar, really.)

Last update 17/03/2003

Version 9.0

-Added New Bliss to "Plex M4 (New TaskBar)" I think this suite than BlissM4

-Added Windows X Logo image in archives (Plus stuffs)

-Fixed Button transparent problems

-Fixed CheckBox and Radio Button transparent problems

-Fixed Frame Boarder active looks more suitable

-Fixed Start Button in "Plex M4 (New TaskBar)" (Flag shifted to right by few pixels)

-Fixed Tab Pane to smaller and more flexible in M4 series

-Fixed Tab Item space dividing problems

-Fixed Content Margins

-Update Background to white again with fixed minor bugs

-Update Button to original Plex with fews fixes

-Update Caption text to "Trebuchet MS" and set align to Center

-Update CheckBox with disabled button mode

-Update Explorer Bar in Plex series

-Update Start Button with more effects and compatible in "Plex M4"

-Update Status Background to gradient mode

-Update Tab Item to "Blue Ocean" tone

-Update TaskBand hover button in "Plex M4 (New TaskBar)"

-Update to large Caption Bar but keep "Plex M4 (New TaskBar)" to thin mode like TaskBar

Last update 07/03/2003

Version 8.0

New Additions

-"Plex M4 (New TaskBar)" Theme with my fixes and updates (Incredible that MS do the same things I imagined in Longhorn Style that I made it before M4 news over months!)

-Easter Eggs (LOL Somethings's special and different from theme that you won't see it)

Fixed Bugs

-Checkbox and Radiobox transparent problems in Explorer options

-Close Button in Small Caption

-dialog shadow color in the little space below the IE address bar

-some imcompatible color

-Start Button size problems

-Log Off Start Panel (No line and buggy places)

-Tab Item placement

-Tab Body border color to grey tone like real new Longhorn (I open it by paint so border is black)

-the width of the toolbar

-TaskBand Toolbar Button break line (more smoother)

-ToolBar Background (Just gradient, no lines)


-Smaller CaptionBar and ToolBar

-Menu background color

-Use "Trebuchet MS" font in ShellStyles (Recommend to use cleartype mode)

-Start Button and Tray with transparent in normal. Now you can move taskbar to any side with better Start button and tray view (M3 still default cause it has line break)

-Start Group Menu button (Plex M4 is Crystal, Plex M4 (New TaskBar) is Neon Light and Plex V2 is Cream, Plex won't changes cause it suites with theme)

-TaskBand Group Menu Button (Cream)


Version 7.0

-Added Theme name "Plex M4" with Bliss (M4 version) wallpaper

-Changes in M4

1. Button

2. Caption Button

3. Checkbox

4. Some Glyphes

5. Combo Button

6. Header Background

7. Radio Button

8. Some Backgrounds

9. Spin Button

10. Tab Items and Panel

11. TaskBand Background and Buttons

12. TaskBar Items (Everything)

13. Window Frame

-Fixed some bugs in M4

1. Button (Fixed Diffusion problems)

2. Caption Button (Fixed images transparent problems)

3. Checkbox (Fixed Transparent problems)

4. Radio Button (Fixed Transparent problems)

5. Small Frame (Fixed color tone match with Caption Bar)

6. Tab Items (Item placement problems)

-Fixed Bugs

1. Button in TaskBand and TaskBar (More suitable in Plex V2)

2. Thumb Button images swaping problems in Plex V2


1. Dark Blue ToolBar Button in Plex V2 (More suitable)

2. Gradient color in Small Frame Bottom

3. Glyphes now use with multi-glyph for larger theme size

4. Larger Caption Frame and Button

5. Light blue Tab Items color in Plex and Plex V2

6. New Progress Bar and Track (Nice)

7. Redisign Start Panel text color in Plex

8. Some Plex M4 items in all Theme (Still keep their interface)

9. Start Button Image in Plex M4

10. Caption and text color in Plex M4's ShellStyles


Version 6.0

-Added Longhorn Bliss wallpaper with removed M3 build

-Added Themes for easier to change to Plex Style with wallpaper There're:

Plex Style

Plex Style Classic

Plex Style Classic Light

Plex Style V2

Plex Style V2 Classic

-Fixed Button Text color

-Fixed Classic mode color looks more suitable (You'd use theme than visual style for Classic mode.)

-Fixed Left line of Toolbar background image in Plex V2

-Fixed Menuband Arrow in Start Menu to white in Luna and Plex V2, Plex is dark blue

-Fixed Start button images in Plex V2

-Fixed Start Group background images

-Fixed Plex V2 TaskBar looks better like sidebar in Longhorn (best quality from bitmap shot)

-Fixed ShellStyles text color in Luna and Plex match with real Longhorn

-Fixed Username text color in Plex Start Panel

-Fixed TaskBar Toolbar Button (Like Language Bar) looks lighten (Like Luna) Also Vertical mode but Plex V2 still default

-Updated TaskBand Button with LineBreak


Version 5.0

-Fixed Start button margin problems (In larger size has showed a part of Windows logo)

-Fixed Listview Header resizing

-Fixed Tray Chevon place in center of the line

-Fixed Plex V2 TaskBar looks better like sidebar in Longhorn (higher quality)

-Updated Plex Style Plex StartPanel in Plex (Luna still default and PlexV2 too cause its tone match with default)

-Updated Start Panel Logoff Buttons to Plex mode


Version 4.0

-Fixed CaptionBar images to Longhorn Plex Style

-Fixed Frame color match with Caption Bar

-Fixed Frame Maximized resizing problems

-Fixed Header Item resizing problems

-Fixed Listview Header background resizing problems

-Fixed MenuBand seperator resizing problems (hidden)

-Fixed Slider Track color

-Fixed TabItem Left image changing problems in Luna

-Fixed ToolBar Seperator color in Luna

-Updated Listview Header color in Plex

-Updated PlaceBar color

-Updated TabItem with disabled and hold image (5 imagecount) in Plex and Plex V2 with original Plex from Longhorn

-Updated TaskBar sizing image match to Longhorn visual style (not from screenshot)

-Updates Selected color in Plex (Easier to read text)

-Updated StartGroup background

-Updated Start Panel PlaceBar image match to Longhorn visual style


Version 3.0

-Added Start button line at the end of button

-Fixed some colors in themes like menu selected item and hilight color

-Fixed some graphics in Plex V2 match with dark blue color.

-Fixed List view header color match to hover images

-Fixed TaskBand Scroll images for Plex in Luna (Still Luna Style, not Plex)

-Fixed TaskBar Background graphic and resizing problems

-Fixed TaskBar Chervon horizontal looks like in vertical

-Some graphics improve to Plex style from Windows Longhorn They're...

1. Button

2. Checkbox

3. Radio Button

4. Scroll Thumb

5. Track Bar

6. Tab Pane

7. Toolbar Background

8. Tree Expand

-Plex Shellstyle has changed to Longhorn but Plex V2 still Plex cause color is not match with Plex V2

-Scroll Thumb is now support changing image while hover, select, hold and disabled


Version 2.0

-Change white color in start menu to blue in Luna

-Fix contrast blue images to light blue with grey tone look

-Fix transperent problems in hide/show buttons in tray

-Plex V2 is now active titlebar and toolbar fully dark blue

-Fix shellstyles to Plex V2 theme

I've tried to keep original Plex so I won't change much pics.

01/01/2003 --- Happy new year! ---

Version 1.0

This looks great. Let's see what I fixed

-Text color in some places that hard to read

-Menu color (Blue except Luna)

-Buttons and arrows

-Text font

-White background in Luna

-Minor images fixed

-Fixed ShellStyles text color

-Change Normal(Blue) to Plex and Blue3 to Plex V2 (Plex V2 is now fully dark blue start bar)

-Updated taskbar sizing and progress bar images.

-Other fews image updates

Download Plex Style


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I like the tone in plex style 1 better. It's more smoothing. Downloaded it. But won't be using it anytime soon coz I'm using Maxlist currently and love it.

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The update looks excellent. It's a very well done visual style. But, I must ask. Why in the world do people want to duplicate this UGLY style? Plex is UGLY! It has no appeal whatsoever. Again, I say, it's not a reflection in your work, at all. I'm just commenting on the entire plex style all together.

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Yes. The most ugly from MS themes but I love to make somethings ugly looks valuable and become beautiful. The sope opera..... LoL

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Really good work done here, looks great! Although, any chance you could make a modded version with a 'compact' start panel (the one with the right pane only showing icons" and smaller user pic part? I know it's not Longhornish but like you could call it something diff or something?

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