[Review] Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector) 1.0

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I've been using Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector) almost since it was first floated in beta a little over a year ago, and just upgraded to the newly released version 1.0 (the first non-beta version) a few weeks ago when it was released. I don't know of any other tool out there that will check all your programs (not just Microsoft), and see if they are missing critical security patches, and the best part is it's free.

What inspired me to write this review though was the fact that this week it caught two Microsoft security patches I was missing that didn't even show up using a full scan of windows update. I know this because I actually had to go to the Secunia bulletin to find the patches because PSI's direct download button took me to windows update which didn't find anything (normally this doesn't happen, in fact, normally it links you directly to the download page for the specific patch, and not windows update).

It also gives you options to locate the affected file or program with a single click, to locate online documentation regarding the vulnerability and several other very useful options to aid in dealing with identified problems. In addition there is a "simple" mode that filters out less critical and harder to patch issues so that people who aren't very computer savy can still be relatively secure (Secunia's philosophy is that it's better to patch some holes than none at all, something I don't think anybody can dispute).

All in all it's a great tool and runs in the background without any noticable reduction in available system resources (you need to have it always on for it to be particularly effective). While it could still use some work with regards to making it easier to find the right patches, I fully recommend it.

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it is indeed an awesome app and worth using.

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