MMA Fighter Justin Levens and Wife Shot to Death

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Mixed martial arts fighter Justin Levens and his wife, Sarah McLean-Levens were found dead in their home in Laguna Niguel, California. They had both suffered fatal gun shot wounds.

TMZ is reporting that the police are investigating this tragedy as a possible murder/suicide. Their bodies were discovered in a bedroom and a gun was also found nearby. The couple were discovered by Sarah?s mother on Wednesday afternoon, according to Orange County sheriff?s officials. She made the 911 call that alerted officers of the tragedy.

Levens, 28, fought in the MMA league, which included bouts in the UFC, IFL and the WEC. His standings were 9-8. His nickname was The Executioner.

Back in September another UFC fighter Evan Tanner was found dead in the desert.


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That is awful... I really hope this doesn't end up turning into another Chris Benoit type scenario, that would just be sad.


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Give it a few days and "roid rage" is sure to show up in the tabloids :wacko:

More and more evidence that the UFC is run by the mob.

Being found dead in the middle of desert wasn't enough of a hint? :ninja:

I wonder if there was motor oil in his stomach... :shifty:

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