[MMA] Ex-WWE star Bobby Lashley willing to compete on TUF to be on UFC

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Former collegiate wrestling champion and WWE import Bobby Lashley (2-0) hasn't shot up the ranks of MMA quite as quickly as fellow professional wrestler and current UFC interim champion Brock Lesnar.

But that's just fine for Lashley, who has said he's interested in developing at his own pace.

But on the most recent episode of ESPN.com's "MMA Live," Lashley said he definitely wants to make his way to the UFC ? and he'd be willing to go through "The Ultimate Fighter" to do it.

"Everybody wants to be in the UFC," Lashley said. "It's the pinnacle of this sport, so of course I want to be there."

The UFC is holding open tryouts for "The Ultimate Fighter" in Seattle on Monday. Heavyweights are being sought out for the process, and Lashley told "MMA Live" co-host Kenny Florian he's mulling over the idea of making an appearance.

"I think [appearing on 'The Ultimate Fighter'] would be something great," Lashley said. "I saw that, and they said, 'Heavyweights,' and I was like, 'Yeah, let's jump on it.'

"I think it would be great because what I'm trying to do right now is prove myself. And on 'The Ultimate Fighter,' you have to prove yourself. I talked it over with my management and my trainers and everything, and they have mixed opinions on it ? if I should go there, or if I should stay out and do different fights."

The American Top Team fighter has earned victories in his first two MMA contests, but he admits he's still got a long way to go to reach the level he someday hopes to attain.

"This is a building process," Lashley said. "When I get to the UFC, I want to be a serious contender for the title. I don't want to just be another guy going into the UFC because it's a grand stage and build there. I don't think that's what I need to do.

"I need to stay in the undercard, and stay in some of the smaller fights, and get more fights under my belt - get some fights like my last fight where it doesn't go the way that I wanted. I've got to seal the deal. There's a lot of learning in this game."

And could that learning possibly be helped by the world-class coaching cast members of "The Ultimate Fighter" undoubtedly receive?

"I'm open to anything," Lashley said. "I'm open to suggestions. If that's the route [my management] wants to send me, then I'm going to go."


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I think Lashley is definitely going about this the right way. Paving his own way and earning respect, rather then demanding it *cough*Lesnar*cough*

Lashley is a very big guy and pretty fast, and is actually very similar to Lesnar in terms of stature. For those who don't know of Lashley:


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He's already had 2 fights. He beat Josh Franklin and Jason Guida. He's alright, but with more training he should be good. This could work out well for him.

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Earlier this week, we reported that Bobby Lashley will fight MMA star Bob Sapp on June 27th on Pay-Per-View. That was originally expected to be Lashley's third professional MMA fight, but the TNA superstar has signed on for another fight that will take place before his fight with Sapp in June.

Bobby Lashley has signed with the Maximum Fighting Championship (MFC) and will square off against California native Mike Cook (7-3) on Friday, May 15. The fight will take place at MFC 21: Hard Knocks, live from the River Creek Resort and Casino in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The "Hard Knocks" event will air live throughout North America on HD Net Fights.

Mike Cook (7-3) trains out of the Samurai Dojo and Frank Shamrock's academy in San Jose. Last month, month defeated former K-1 champ Carter Williams at Pure Combat 7.

Lashley is scheduled to make another appearance on "Inside MMA" on HDNet on May 1 to talk about his upcoming fights.

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