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My first desktop :rolleyes:

Theme: Rhapsodized

Wallpaper: Carrera Light

Programs: Y'zDock 0.75, Trillian Pro and Rainlendar

Icons: Snow.E2 (dock), Shell32: XP Default


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does anybody have a really nice desktop of Geoshell-X of BlackBox?

damn those customisations look so damn good. i never know how to use it but. :(

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May Desktop.

Visual Style : Milk Redux (custom made start button)

Dock : Yz Dock with Milk 2 Yz Dock background from Milk Redux package

Wallpaper : Modified version of Original Haw-206 from this link :

Winamp : Milk Amp (winamp2)

Winamp Controls buttons : Milk Redux (in package)

Running in background : Yz Dock and other programs.

Comments and questions welcomed.

Click Here for big version

One note, samurize stopped running for me on 1st may 10:23 hrs.


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Since it is now May, I shall post mine. :)

Oh yeah - it says drive C has 0.2GB free...don't worry, that's not my system drive :) Windows is actually on drive G: - not shown on bar.

VS: Classix SC (WindowBlinds)

Icons: Windows Folders (link)

Wallpaper: Alyssa Milano

SysMetrix: Drakwing Minimal

Rainlender: Shadow2


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:D Hello All !!

May is a very good month here in France because of a lot of Days off ! lolll

Visual Style : Milk Redux

Wallpaper : Ayumi Hamasaki (Great Japanese singer)

Y'Z Dock with Milk Background and various icons

Yazoo's alu trash.

I've added a second Y'Z Dock to separate the clock.

Click Image for the real size desktop .


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Doesn't seem too buggy for me...its a good theme.

I grabbed my copy of Metalcolor from here:

edit: arghhh, stupid *@ing spam filter!


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