Leonardo replaces Ancelotti!

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“It's true, Leonardo will be the Milan coach next season. He will be presented to the press on Monday at midday,” Galliani said on Raidue Stadio Sprint before thanking the departing Ancelotti.

“It's not over with Ancelotti. There remains friendship, affection and eight marvellous years together.

“I am very good friends with Carlo and I must admit there were a few tears shed in the locker room this evening.”

Ancelotti is now open to offers.. Chelsea want him but Madrid are favorites and the team he himself prefers.. lets see who takes over there and what he does..

I feel Milan are taking a huge risk by replacing a tried and experienced coach with someone like Leonardo who has no experience.. but then again.. so didn't Guardiola.. next season it will be interesting in UCL :p

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I've always liked Leonardo, he was a great player in his day and always talks sense.

Yeah he seems a wise choice to be me (Y)

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