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how to add style tags (header) to PHP


bassman    0

I want to add the following STYLE tags to the header of my Guestbook Page(s) {sign and show}:

a:link { text-decoration: none}

a:visited { text-decoration: none}

a:active { text-decoration: none}

a:hover { text-decoration: none;}

a:hover { background: #999999;}


I notice there are ECHO tags after all the main head info of the PHP generated pages.

You can go to my site at : http://heretofore.net Enter, and you'll see that I want the Guestbook pages to match the others (i.e. the IE5.5 scrollbars, etc...)

Thanks in advance.



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Steven P.    16,301

Create a css file, insert the code (without ) and put this line in your header file (near meta tags and under

to access the css stylesheet.

href="styles.css" is my example, the location and name of the file can be different as long as it ends with .css

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