Coax Cable and Connectors - Few Questions

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I have a roof antenna and I want to split the signal 2-3 ways. Currently this does not work as when I add a spilter the signal strength is too poor. I was going to buy the Motorola Signal Booster 484095-001-00 Bi-Directional RF Amplifier to boost the signal so I can split it.

I have a few questions about the coax cables and connectors:

  1. Do you need different connectors (heads) for the different type of cabling (standard, tri, and quad)?
  2. If so how can I find out what type coax cable my antenna uses?
  3. How would I use a pair of crimpers like these?
  4. Will these connectors work?
  5. For what type of cable (standard, tri, quad) will the above connectors work with?

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