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Last season I bought some new bladed boots from adidas and within 3 or 4 games was out for the season with damage to my left anterior cruciate, nice. I firmly believe this was due to the blades as it was the first time I had ever worn them in many many years of playing footy...

so, now I am all recovered can anyone recommend to me some kick ass studded boots? i'm not even sure what the most advanced boots are currently.. and the majority i seem to look at all have the bloody blades! :(

atm, my eye is on these

but they are madly expense, and seem to be the only ones from adidas that have studs this year!

any other suggestions?

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i think i might actually go for the F50i, they have the ability to be set up for soft, firm, and even a 'street sole' (don't know what that is)

will go take a look next weekend..

anyone know of any good nike ones? i see the pair ronaldo is pimping this year cost over ?200+!!!

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You can get previous models of the F50 boots, for example these:;PROFILE=Speed for a fair bit cheaper, you can also get models previous to that for ?30's in certain stores. Personally I use AdiPure boots, however they come in blades, which I have never had a problem with and own a pair of AdiPures in both plastic and metal blades, mainly because the metal blades appear to wear away when the ground is hard as they are designed for soft ground. Thats the only complaint I have about blades.

EDIT: In answer to the Nike question, these boots: I think come in different variations of stood (plastic, metal etc) and Im persuming are good boots.

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More or less every decent pair of boots will be available in both blades and studs if you look hard enough. I have two pairs of Nike Legends, one studded and one blades. Aswell as bladed preds. All fine boots, all come in handy too depending on where Im playing.

I am looking at the new F50is though!

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Got a couple of pairs, both Puma.

My current blades are the best pair of boot's I've ever worn: V1.08i. Very light, very comfortable and a good surface area for striking the ball.

Def reccomend.

My other pair are boots are studs; Puma v-Konstrukt II SG; and are a bit heavier, very comfortable and perfect for wet ground.

For me, Puma boots are better than the others - very good quality, very comfortable and over all excellent boots.

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so, to follow up follow up on this thread, i got some black F50i TUNiT boots yesterday, and went down the park this afternoon to test them out/wear them in a bit

OH MY GOD, they are amazing! :D

I don't know what they are coated in, but it's slightly tacky (sticky) and the control you get is mad. Also, they are so light and thin, it pretty much feels like there isn't anything there..

I am very impressed, and even though i vowed never to spend this much on a pair of boots... my god, I definitely think they are worth it!


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