[Boxing] Roger Mayweather arrested!

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Top trainer Roger Mayweather, uncle of Floyd Mayweather, has been arrested and charged with coercion with force and battery strangulation. Las Vegas Metro Police arrested Mayweather on Sunday after the top trainer and former fighter attacked one of his former boxers, Melissa St. Vil.

St. Vil had just gotten back to Las Vegas from Las Cruces, N.M., where she had scored an upset win over local favorite Jennifer Han. St. Vil had been training under Mayweather until about three months ago, when she changed camps. According to the Metro police report, she terminated her agreement with Roger because he had been harassing and following her around.

On Sunday, he showed up at her apartment. St. Vil says Mayweather hit her several times in the ribs, then tried to strangle her. When police arrived, she was coughing and spitting blood. Mayweather was arrested and is facing serious charges.


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