Is Blu-ray starting to become popular?


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I have to say since the last update to Netflix streaming I think the overall quality is up and speed detection and stability are far better, I'm a little more optimistic about streaming now.

I'd also say that Best Buy including CinemanNow in every web connected device they sell is yet another sign (including the discussion of Wal-Mart cutting back on physical media earlier) that the big box retailers don't think physical media in general will be as viable as it was previously. Maybe they are both just trying to get ahead of the curve and not get caught unprepared like they did with music, or maybe they know something we don't?

And as far as playing DVDs on HDTVs, there are several BDs out there that look far worse than their DVD equivalents and some films that have been almost "downgraded" when the transfer was "upgraded" to Blu Ray. Goodfellas anniversary edition DVD looks better in some spots than the Blu Ray, same goes for Almost Famous, I sold both BDs recently as the anamporphic DVDs look at least as good if not better. Then there is the debacle of Blow, Gladiator and Elf, all films had very repsectable if not exceptional DVD releases that got horribly DNR infested Blu Ray updates. Dark Knight on BD with it's "I'm in OAR, no wait I"m in IMAX, no wait I'm in OAR" is another questionable "upgrade". I'm getting more and more hesitant to upgrade my catalog titles and considering more and more going digital download for new releases. A good quality anamporphic DVD transfer on a decent upscaler still looks pretty good in many cases, no argument many BDs look better but I'll have to concede they may not look so much better that most people will care.

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