ie 6 hit gold?

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does anyone know when, possibly soon, that Microsoft will finally release the final ie 6 build? or has it been confirmed that 2530 is that build? i just can't wait and am just a bit sick of the beta builds...anyone out there feeling the same way?:s

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IE6 will go gold at around the same time as by friday at the latest....

as to wheather it will be posted on friday is a different story.......i would say prolly next week sometime as an educated guess. :)

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Ross, it is obvious why IE will go gold in RTM, but can you tell me if it will be the same build as XP?

thanks. :)

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don't have any info on build numbers other than although the version shipped with XP will be almost identical to the Web Version (for 2k, 9x etc) ; the build number will be different.

XP: 6.00.2600.0000

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IE6 has not been released for download on IE homepage as of


Do you mean that IE6 is just RTM and not released for download?

BTW, build 2530 is not the gold build.

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